COSine 2019 is proud to welcome award winning science fiction and fantasy author Carrie Vaughn as our Guest of Honor

2019 Science Guest to be announced

Local Celebrities Connie and Courtney Willis return as our Special Guests

Our full list of attending authors and program participants will eventually be found here

Carrie Vaughn

Carrie Vaughn

Carrie Vaughn is the New York Times Bestselling author of more than twenty novels and over eighty short stories. She's best known for the Kitty Norville urban fantasy series about a werewolf who hosts a talk radio advice show for supernatural beings — the series includes fourteen novels and a collection of short stories — and the superhero novels in the Golden Age saga. She's a contributor to the Wild Cards series of shared-world novels edited by George R.R. Martin, and also writes the Harry and Marlowe steampunk short stories about an alternate nineteenth century that makes use of alien technology.

Carrie has a masters degree in English lit, graduated from the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop in 1998, and returned to the workshop as Writer in Residence in 2009. She won the Phillip K. Dick Award in 2018 for her novel Bannerless, and has been nominated for the Hugo Award, various RT Reviewer Choice Awards -- winning for Best First Mystery for Kitty and the Midnight Hour -- and won the 2011 WSFA Small Press award for best short story for "Amaryllis."

A bona fide Air Force brat (her father served on a B-52 flight crew during the Vietnam War), Carrie grew up all over the U.S. but managed to put down roots in the Boulder, Colorado area, where she pursuers an endlessly growing list of hobbies and enjoys the outdoors as much as she can. She is fiercely guarded by a miniature American Eskimo dog named Lily. When she was about eight years old, her mother gave her Heinlein's Red Planet. Shortly after that, her father sat her down to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey . So, really, this is all their fault.

Dr. Mike Brotherton

Mike Brotherton

Dr. Brotherton is a professor of astronomy at the University of Wyoming where he investigates the most luminous active galactic nuclei, the quasars. Powered by supermassive black holes, quasars outshine the galaxies within which they exist and shape the course of their evolution. He uses the Hubble Space Telescope, the Very Large Array in New Mexico, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, and any other telescope that will grant him observing time.

He is also the author of the science fiction novels Star Dragon (2003) and Spider Star (2008), both from Tor books, as well as a number of short stories in various markets.

He is the founder of the NASA and National Science Foundation funded Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop for Writers, which brings professional writers to Wyoming every summer in order to better educate and inspire their audiences.

Connie Willis

Connie Willis

Connie Willis’s first publication (1971) was the short story, “The Secret of Santa Titicaca.” She wrote true confession stories while trying to break into science fiction publication. She began writing full-time in 1982. She has won eleven Hugo Awards, eight Nebula Awards, and eleven Locus awards. Her most recent Hugo was in 2011 for Blackout / All Clear, a novel published in two volumes. Her other award winning books include The Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog. Connie was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2009, and was named as the 28th SFWA Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.
Connie has been a guest of honor at many conventions, including Writer Guest of Honor at LA Con IV, the 64th World Science Fiction Convention in 2006. In her guest of honor speech at LA Con, she cited as her teachers Agatha Christie for plotting, Mary Stewart for suspense, Robert Heinlein for dialogue, P.G. Wodehouse for comedy, William Shakespeare for irony, and Philip K. Dick on how to pull the rug out from under the reader.
Connie is a 1967 graduate of Colorado State College, now the University of Northern Colorado. She resides in Greeley, Colorado with her husband Courtney Willis.

Courtney Willis

Courtney Willis

In his first life, Courtney Willis was a high school science teacher for 23 years. More recently, he was a physics professor at the University of Northern Colorado, a position from which he has now retired. Courtney enjoys collecting slide rules and fiddling with old stereo equipment. He has done science demos at three Worldcons and he presents annually at MileHiCon in Denver, as well as COSine. He has also done spoofs of the science in the Weekly World News. He has participated on a number of science panels at various conventions, where his creative demonstrations are always well received.
Courtney obtained his B.A. in physics and math from the University of Northern Colorado, followed by a M.S. in teaching physics from the University of Wisconsin, Superior, and Ph.D. in science education from the University of Wyoming in 1993.