COSine has long been known for its great discussion panels on a wide variety of fiction, science, and literary panels. We will have two tracks of main programming running from late afternoon on Friday through early afternoon on Sunday, plus author readings, special events, author's reception, and book signing.

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Here at last is the program schedule for COSine 2019.

Friday, January 18th


2pm — Registration opens

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3pm — Dealers Room and Art Show open

Check out all the great art and merchandise we have this year.


3-4pm                             Rampart

Must Time Travel Change History?

Perhaps the most common trope in time travel stories is the accidental (or deliberate) changing of history by a time traveler, and the attempt to set history "right" again. It makes an exciting story, but can we do something different with time travel without a deus ex machina?

Connie Willis, Bill Cherf, Thea Hutcheson(M), David Kilman, Sam Knight, Deena Larsen


4-5pm                             Rampart

The Structure of Storytelling and the Mind of Humans

Across all human cultures and times, the stories we tell all feel the same. The themes and cultural references change but the structures don't, with some exceptions. Is this rooted in our brains and what it means to be human? Would aliens tell stories in the same way?

Mike Brotherton, Connie Willis, David Boop(M), Sarah Hoyt, Thea Hutcheson, Laurey Patten


4-5pm                             Breckenridge

The HBO Effect - Must Fantasy be all Sex, Gore, and Politics now?

It's been long known that sex and violence sells, but ever since the HBO adaption of Game of Thrones appeared it seems the dial has been turned up to 11. Now most new televised science fiction and fantasy shows are sagas of violent politics, gushers of blood, and extreme sex. Will good taste and restraint ever prevail again?

Dacia Arnold, J.Nathanial Corres, WJ Hodgson, Nathan Lowell(M)


4-5pm                             Art Show

Leather Care

Learn basic leather care for your personal leather and for costuming.

William Rothmeyer


4-6pm                             Telluride

Cosmic Encounter Board Game

Defend your planets and conquer your foes with your bizarre alien powers! A sci-fi classic. (Ages 10+)


5-6pm                             Rampart

Horses in Fiction - Getting it Right

Horses have been used and valued for centuries across many continents, both under saddle and in harness. Whether writing historical fiction, epic fantasy, western or contemporary with elements of ranch-life, racing or show, getting horses right if you have little experience with them can be tough. Come learn the best ways to include these noble beasts in your fiction.

Carrie Vaughn, L. D. Colter, Marie DesJardin(M), Sam Knight, Elaine Normandy, Ronnie Seagren


5-6pm                             Breckenridge

Cyberpunk, Steampunk - now Feypunk?

It's alway fun to take our real world and twist it around. We've done that with the near future with Cyberpunk, our near past with Steampunk, and now we're doing it with our current times and fey creatures (elves, vampires, werewolves, and assorted others). Does that mean we're now doing "feypunk"? What does this "punk" thing mean anyway and what's the next new punk coming?

David Boop, WJ Hodgson, Melanie Unruh(M)


5-6pm                             Aspen


Join some of our authors for an informal session of readings and shooting the breeze on whatever topics strike their fancy.

Mike Brotherton, Dan Hoyt, Benjamin M. Weilert


5-6pm                             Art Show

Follow your Dreams from Hobby to Business 

Rubiee will lead us though how she and others have taken their hobbies and turned them into successful businesses, the tricks, stumbling blocks and the work you need to do to make it a reality.

Peri Charlifu, Brenna Deutchman, Rubiee(M)


6-7 pm                            Rampart

Opening Ceremonies / Ice Cream Social

Join us as we belatedly open COSine 2019 and introduce our guests, followed by our Liquid N2 Ice Cream Social. Come have your dessert before your dinner!

Carrie Vaughn, Mike Brotherton, Connie Willis, Courtney Willis, Richard Karsh(M)


7-8 pm                            Art Show

Sculpting with Mitzi

Mitzi will be doing a live demo of polyclay and will talk about techniques and answer questions while she works.

Mitzi Bartlett


7-8pm                             Telluride

Red Dragon Inn

Can you avoid getting drunk and losing all your money? Try this fast-paced competitive game! (Ages 10+)


8-10pm                           Rampart

Trivia Quiz Game

Find a partner and test your knoweldge of all things we love - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and general Fannish trivia . 6 teams of 2 will compete for fabulous prizes (better even than Rice-a-Roni!)

Peri Charlifu


8-midnight                      Breckenridge


Unwind with a selection of movies. Come be surprised by what Cary has chosen to show this year!

Cary Quinn


8-10pm                           Aspen


Filk” has been described as the folk music of the science-fiction fan community. It’s a mixture of song parodies and original music, humorous and serious, about subjects like science fiction, fantasy, computers, cats, politics, and more... Drop on by to perform or just to listen!

Kent Bloom


Saturday, January 19th


9am — Registration and Art Show Opens

Bid early, bid often on the great selection of art on display.


9-10am                           Art Show

Creative Roundtable

We will talk with all creatives, artists, writers, costumers, creators and fans about how we create and what keeps us focused and motivated. Anyone interested is welcome to join in the conversation.

Peri Charlifu(M)


10am - Dealers room opens

Find things you need, and things you never knew you needed!


10-11am                         Rampart

Science Fiction Science

Join Science Guest of Honor Mike Brotherton as he takes a scientific look at some situations that crop up regularly in science fiction and discusses what really should be going on, with examples ranging from the good to the bad to the downright ugly.

Mike Brotherton


10-11am                         Breckenridge

Writing for the Video Game Generation

In the face of a generation being raised on YouTube and online games, how can authors engage people who stare at a sceen all day? Is this generation different, or is this just a recycling of concerns about movies, television, and other media?

WJ Hodgson, David Kilman, Sam Knight, Rebecca Lickiss, Nathan Lowell(M)


10-11am                         Aspen


Join some of our authors for an informal session of readings and shooting the breeze on whatever topics strike their fancy.

Connie Willis, Lou J Berger, L. D. Colter


10-11am                         Art Show

Stuffed Critter Make and Take

Brenna will supply the materials and walk you through a simple make and take. $15 for materials.

Brenna Deutchman


11am-noon                     Rampart

The Growth of Goblins

Goblins and orcs didn't start with Dungeons and Dragons. Learn about the history of these humanoid critters from George D. MacDonald to Katherine Addison with Tolkien in between.

Connie Willis, Robert Chansky, Carol Hightshoe, Mem Morman(M), Laurey Patten


11am-noon                     Breckenridge

The Next Space Race

Once upon a time our space technology was advancing at a breakneck pace due to the US vs. USSR rivalry. That driving force is mostly over, but a space race may be on us again. Commercial vs. Government, US vs. China, or military vs. civilian, is the competitive spirit speeding up our space tech again?

Dan Hoyt, Thea Hutcheson(M), Ted Monogue, Eli Roa


11am-noon                     Aspen

An Introduction to the Royal Manticoran Navy

David Weber is an award winning author. He created a universe of rich detail in a military sci-fi setting. At the center of it is his main character Honor Harrington. The Royal Manticore Navy will explore why Honor is such a compelling character in an equally compelling story, and affectionately call the setting the Honorverse. Also discussed is how this series birthed such a devout fandom.


11am-noon                     Art Show

Steam Punk Fascinator Make and Take

Make your own Steampunk-styled fascinator to embellish your hat or hair style! $4 for materials.

Melanie Unruh


11am-noon                     Telluride

Dice Throne

A head-to-head game of mighty heroes! Can your Moon Elf take down the Pyromancer? Unique dice and abilities make this a great game in the tradition of Lost Worlds (Ages 10+)


noon-1pm                       Rampart

Swords and Rayguns:  Classic SF as Proto-Steampunk Literature

Steampunk didn't appear from nowhere; like most literature it descended from works that came before it. Discuss how the work of Moorcock, Powers, Jeeter, Blaylock, and others formed the foundations of the genre.

Robert Chansky, David Kilman, Christopher Salas, John Stith(M), Benjamin M. Weilert


noon-1pm                       Breckenridge

Publishing Paths

The number of ways to publish your work continue to grow. Which paths should you pursue? Large press, small press, or indie? Print, ebook, or audio? What other options do you have that might make sense for an aspiring writer.

David Boop, L. D. Colter, Dan Hoyt, Thea Hutcheson(M), A. L.  Kessler, Nathan Lowell


noon-1pm                       Aspen

Planning your Quest:  The Realities of Travel in Pre-Industrial Society

Being a wanderer in the real middle ages wasn't much like how our fantasy novels portray things. Learn what life was really like for the questers of old and how you might have fared in that time.

Kim Klimek


noon-1pm                       Art Show

Self Care is Sexy

To make good art, you have to take care of yourself, here are some tips and tricks to keep the art flowing without wearing yourself thin!

Rubiee(M), Chaz Kemp


1-2pm                             Rampart

GOH Interview with Carrie Vaughn

Learn all you wanted about Carrie as Richard interviews her on her life and works. There will be time for questions from the audience.

Carrie Vaughn, Richard Karsh


1-2pm                             Art Show

Draw Our Own Characters

This is a participation event for all skill levels! Draw along as Mike shows you how to draw your own Science Fiction and Fantasy characters in a relaxed and fun environment.  Pencils and paper will be provided; if you have a favorite pencil and paper, bring them (at least 5-6 sheets).

Mike Kloeffer


1-2:30pm                        Telluride

Nuclear War

Do you have change for 10 million people? The classic game of worldwide devestation (Ages 12+)


2-3pm                             Rampart

Is Elon Musk "The Man Who Sold the Moon"?

In 1949 Robert Heinlein wrote the story of a fantastically wealthy man who, disgusted by the pace of the government space program, set out to revolutionize space travel and take humanity to a place where mankind had never set foot. Sound familiar? From the shameless self promotion and publicity stunts to the driving need for space, is Elon Musk a real life D.D. Harriman?  

Lou J Berger, Dan Hoyt, Sarah Hoyt, Thea Hutcheson(M), David Kilman


2-3pm                             Breckenridge

After NaNoWriMo

You've done it. November is over and you're sitting on at least 50,000 words. What do you do now? Join the Midnight Writers Society as they discuss editing, how to keep that 1,667 words-per-day habit past November, and what to do with your novel when you're done. 

Lena Johnson(M), Benjamin M. Weilert, JL Zenor


2-3pm                             Aspen


Join some of our authors for an informal session of readings and shooting the breeze on whatever topics strike their fancy.

Carrie Vaughn, A. L.  Kessler, Laurey Patten


2-3pm                             Art Show

Rock Painting

Karen will have an assortment of rocks and paint pens for you to create your very own rock masterpiece!  This is a bit messy so be aware!

Peri Charlifu, Karen Jordan(M), Mike Kloeffer


3-4pm                             Rampart

Tortured Heroes and Why We Love Them

Authors excel at making lives miserable for their protagonists. From Frodo Baggins to Jaime Lannister, the more difficulty a character endures, the more we as readers are drawn to their story. This panel will explore some of our favorite tortured heroes, and why the tortured hero story has continued to hold appeal over the centuries.

L. D. Colter, Marie DesJardin(M), Sarah Hoyt, Thea Hutcheson, Kim Klimek, Laurey Patten, Christopher Salas


3-4pm                             Breckenridge

Rejecting labels: Urban Fantasy for All Genders

Paranormal romance and urban fantasy are two thrivings genres of literature, but they are too often pigeonholed as being by and for women only. How can we write in these areas in a way that appeals to all genders, and how can we get a wider audience to read them?

Carrie Vaughn, A. L.  Kessler, Rebecca Lickiss, John Stith


3-5pm                             Aspen

History and Culture of Tea

From snack to evening meal, the Victorian cultural and social phenomenon of Tea endures into Neo-Victorian era. We'll share Tea philosophy, processes, and even recipes.

Rosa Brassart, Melanie Unruh(M)


3-4pm                             Art Show

Overcoming Creative Block

Creative block is one of the worst things a creative person faces, but there are tricks and exorcises you can use to overcome these obstacles! Let our panel of creative people share their secrets with you!

Blair Bartlett, Chaz Kemp(M)


3:30-4:30pm                   Telluride


Don't lose your head over this simple card game. The French revolution has never been so fun! (Ages 12+)


4-5pm                             Rampart

Evolution of the Science Fiction Convention

Literary SF conventions have been around for a long time and have been slow to change while fandom in general has evolved. How have cons changed over the years and where are they headed? Is the growth of comicons and gaming cons helping or hurting?

Connie Willis, David Boop, Lou J Berger(M), Bill Cherf, Christopher Salas


4-5pm                             Breckenridge

Revisiting the Drake Equation

Created in 1961 by Frank Drake, the seemingly simple Drake Equation has sparked much discussion about the possibility of intelligent alien life and why we haven't found it yet. Almost 60 years later we have much better answers for some of the variables but still haven't found life. Is the Drake Equation still useful, and what does that imply for the still unknown parts?

Mike Brotherton, Dan Hoyt, David Kilman, Rebecca Lickiss, Ted Monogue(M)


4-5pm                             Art Show

Marketing: Finding your voice

To be a successful artist, you need to understand what your voice is, how to use it and how to make it your brand. We will talk about the differences between them and how to make the most of your art!

Peri Charlifu


5:30pm                           Ballroom Salon A

Author Reception & Mass Autographing

All of our authors will gather in Salons A & B on the first floor to sign books and meet with fans. There will be a refreshment buffet with savory nibbles and a cash bar. All members are invited to attend. Participating authors may begin setting up at 5pm.


6-8pm                             Telluride

Legend of Drizt

Dungeons and Dragons as a cooperative board game. Find treasure and defeat the monsters as classic D&D characters. (Ages 12+)


8-10pm                           Rampart

Ask Dr. Science

Let's Talk Telescopes - the history, design, and use of a scientific instrument that ranges from toys to multi-million dollar instruments.

Courtney Willis


8-10pm                           Breckenridge


More films to watch and discuss. How will these tie into the ones from the night before? Come and find out!

Cary Quinn


8pm-?                             Aspen


Didn't get enough Friday night? More open filking will be happening Saturday night.

Kent Bloom


9-11pm                           Telluride


If they play it on Big Bang Theory it must be good. A competitive board game with the goal of getting the artifact of ultimate power. (Ages 12+)


Sunday, January 20th


9am — Registration and Art Show opens

The Art Show will close at noon to prepare items for the auction and pick-up. Don’t miss your last chance to bid!


9-10am                           Art Show

Social Media for Creatives

Twitch, Facebook, Quora, Discord, Instagram so many to choose from, how do you navigate the treacherous waters of social media.

Blair Bartlett, Rubiee(M), William Rothmeyer


10am - Dealers room opens

Got money left? Now's the time to stock up on books for the next year!


10-11am                         Rampart

Taking Miracles for Granted

A 50 year retrospective on how science has changed our everyday life. "Back in my day" is as tired as "Get off my lawn!", but it's worth reflecting on exactly how much our technology has changed and (mostly) improved our lives.

Marie DesJardin, Thea Hutcheson, Rebecca Lickiss, Mem Morman(M), Ronnie Seagren


10-11am                         Breckenridge

Anthologies - Writing, Editing, and Publishing

Getting into an anthology has been a starting point for many authors, but it's not as easy as blasting out your favorite story to publishers. Discuss the strategies for writing and editing anthologies, and how it differs from short stories in a 'zine.

David Boop(M), Lena Johnson, Christopher Salas, Benjamin M. Weilert, JL Zenor


10-noon                          Aspen

Interactive Writing Session

This is a hands-on session of interactive impromptu writing, where you will follow prompts to create an electronic literature piece, which will then be published and hosted on an e-lit site.

Deena Larsen


10-11am                         Art Show

Presenting Your Art

To be an accomplished artist you MUST know how to present your art, as well as yourself. Learn the important things all successful artists already know. How to finish your work for display and how to present it and yourself professionally.

Blair Bartlett(M), Peri Charlifu, Mike Kloeffer


11am-noon                     Rampart

Where's my Mr. Fusion?

What sources of energy will we be using over the next 50 years? Is fusion still just 10 years away, as it has been for the last 40? Will fossil fuels actually cease being used, and what will replace them?

Courtney Willis, Matt Bille, Bill Cherf, Rebecca Lickiss, Ted Monogue(M)


11am-1pm                      Breckenridge

Reading the Slush Pile

Authors, now is the chance to have a live reading of the first two pages of your manuscript, with professional authors and editors listening intently for the point at which an editor would reject your submission. All submissions must be anonymous, and no more than 500 words in manuscript format. It's not too late to get one in to

Connie Willis, Lou J Berger(M), Carol Hightshoe, Sam Knight, Nathan Lowell


noon-1pm                       Rampart

Supermassive Black Holes

Every large galaxy seems to sport a large black hole at its heart, some relatively quiet and hard to spot, some spectacularly active and known as quasars.  In either mode our Science Guest of Honor Mike Brotherton thinks they're awesome!

Mike Brotherton


noon-1pm                       Aspen

Self-publishing on a Budget

Interested in self-publishing but don't want to spend a lot of money? Join the Midnight Writers Society to find out what you can do for free and what you'd want to pay for.

Lena Johnson(M), Benjamin M. Weilert, JL Zenor


1pm                                Art Show

Art Show Auction

Bid on artwork that went to auction before it gets away!


1-2pm                             Rampart

Carrie and Cary on Superhero Movies

The supers have taken over Hollywood! Can anyone stop them? Should anyone stop them? Tune in for the best take on where they came from and where they are going.

Carrie Vaughn, Cary Quinn


1-2pm                             Breckenridge

Are our new robot overlords finally arriving?

Long after the burst of movies and books about artificial intelligence taking over the world, the revolution is happening under our noses. The last few years have seen startling advancements in AI and machine learning. From chatbots to playing Go the computers are suddenly looking as smart as we are.

Mike Brotherton, Courtney Willis, Ted Monogue(M), Eli Roa, John Stith


2-3pm                             Rampart

CRISPR Critters

The analysis and manipulation of genetics has gome from expensive and slow to relatively cheap and fast. What changed to make 23andMe possible, and where will the rapid advances in genetic engineering take us?

Lou J Berger, Thea Hutcheson(M), Lena Johnson, Brendan Monogue, Robin Monogue


2-3pm                             Breckenridge

Are the kids all right?

Why is dystopian YA literature so popular? Sure, our heros have to overcome obstacles and adults make the best ones, but they all seem inhabiting dark and depressing futures. Are we inadvertently hurting our hopes for the future?

Connie Willis, Dacia Arnold, Carol Hightshoe(M), A. L.  Kessler


2-3pm                             Telluride


Kick down the door and get the Unnatural Axe or overcome the Duck of Doom! A comedic card game of dungeon delving (Ages 10+)


3pm                                Rampart

Closing Ceremonies

Come say goodbye to COSine, this time for good. It's been a great ride, but COSine won't be back for 2020 so come salute all the guests and volunteers that made it happen.

Carrie Vaughn, Mike Brotherton, Connie Willis, Courtney Willis, Richard Karsh(M)

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