COSine 2020 Participants

Note: This page is an archive from COSine 2020 (January 17-19, 2020). Check the main COSine page to find details about the next COSine!

In addition to our Guests of Honor, COSine 2020 will feature dozens of authors, artists, makers, scientists, technologists and generally interesting people. A partial list includes:



  • Tim Anderson
  • Dacia M Arnold
  • Blair Bartlett
  • Mitzi Bartlett
  • Rose Beetem
  • Lou J Berger
  • Kent Bloom
  • Ian Brazee-Cannon
  • Jonathan Brooks
  • Robert Bulkeley Jr.
  • Andy Burns
  • Vivian Caethe
  • Peri Charlifu
  • Craig W. Chrissinger
  • J. Nathanial (Trapper) Corres
  • Jessica Coyle
  • Kyle Crutcher
  • Marie DesJardin
  • Brenna Deutchman
  • F. P. Dorchak
  • Ming Drake
  • Glen Engel-Cox
  • J.T. Evans
  • Arlen Feldman
  • Danyda Feldman
  • Cynthia Felice
  • Eric Flint
  • Kyra Fontaine
  • Richard E. Friesen
  • Steve Gaalema
  • Stephanie Gillis
  • Laura Givens
  • Morland Gonsoulin
  • Amy Griswold
  • J.D. Harrison
  • Heather “Ari” Harvey
  • Rebecca Hay
  • Rubiee Hays
  • Jim Henderson
  • Patrick Hester
  • Thea Hutcheson
  • Kevin Ikenberry
  • Jeanne (Sourdough) Jackson
  • Stace Johnson
  • Lena M Johnson
  • Karen Jordan
  • Richard B Karsh
  • Carolyn Kay
  • Chaz Kemp
  • A.L. Kessler
  • David Kilman
  • Michael Kilman
  • Kimberly Klimek
  • DeAnna Knippling
  • Mike Kloepher
  • Robbie Knight
  • Shannon Lawrence
  • Ella LeBain
  • Rebecca Lickiss
  • Stant Litore
  • E. J. Lowell
  • Nathan Lowell
  • Alastair Mayer
  • Connor Monogue
  • Robin Monogue
  • Ted Monogue
  • Mem Morman
  • Charles & Tauni Orndorff
  • Robin Owens
  • L.F. (Laurey) Patten
  • R. Henry Potter – Dawn of Dusk
  • Cary Quinn
  • Gary Raham
  • Charles McLean Redding
  • Rob S. Rice
  • Vennessa Robertson
  • William “Knight” Rothmyer
  • Robert Sakamoto
  • Christopher M. Salas
  • Tim Simpson
  • Patrick Smythe
  • Melanie Unruh
  • James Van Pelt
  • Josh Vogt
  • Ian Vroon
  • Meg Ward
  • Benjamin M. Weilert
  • Connie Willis
  • Courtney Willis
  • Daniel A. Willis
  • Robert Williscroft


Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson. Adventurer, wizard, bovine hypnotist, billionaire playboy…these are all things he would like to be someday if/when he grows up. He also would like to have the ability to control the laws of physics using only his mind, but wouldn’t we all? He has released several mobile games and also works as part of the development team on Star Command: Galaxies. Additionally, he once had a cameo as an applicant in Season 3 of the web series “The Guild” and a small role as an extra in the film The One Who Loves You.

Dacia M Arnold

Dacia M Arnold is an award-winning American novelist, freelance writer, mother, and ten-year Army Veteran. She is the author of dystopian hard science fiction. As a freelance writer, Dacia contributes monthly to the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s blog where she shares her relatively short experience in the literary world. She will never turn down an invitation to karaoke, because she is here to party but also be in bed by 8pm. Dacia’s pipedream is to one day narrate an episode of “Drunk History” and tell the story of “The Unsinkable” Molly Brown. Until then her friends must suffer through unsolicited rehearsals.

Blair Bartlett

Blair Bartlett has been doing photography of one type or another since the 4th grade. After working as a photographer and trying his hand at various forms, he decided to concentrate on photography as an art form; showing his work in various local convention art shows. Blair has recently joined with fellow creatives to form the Convention Artists Guild in Colorado. He lives in Colorado with his lovely wife of 30+ years, Mitzi, and their feline overlords Koda and Sparo.

Mitzi Bartlett

Mitzi Bartlett has been working in polymer clay for the last fifteen years, with a focus on the whimsical and fantastic. When not working in clay (or trying to find where that tool she just had wandered off to), she enjoys learning more things, spending time with family and friends, playing games, and seeing to the demands of her two feline overlords.

Rose Beetem

Rose Beetem has been fannish for 50+ years, thanks to her mom, the Elder Ghoddess. She recently stepped down as programming chair of MileHiCon, still chairs Karval Kon (coming up on year 43!), and was once Fan GoH at Coppercon. Rose enjoys urban fantasy, tai chi, select genre movies/TV shows, cooking without recipes, live theater, hanging out with her amazeballs husband and friends, and occasional travel that usually doesn’t involve long walks on the beach.

Lou J Berger

Lou J Berger is an Active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and has published short stories in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, and a handful of anthologies. Recently, he was a Finalist in the Writers of the Future contest. He can be found on Facebook and on Twitter (@LouJBerger), and his website is:

Kent Bloom

Kent Bloom is one of the founders of First Friday Fandom, and has been part of the group running all fi fteen COSine conventions in Colorado Springs – even during 2008 when he was chairman of the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver, Colorado. He’s been reading SF for more than 50 years, and reads even more now that he is retired.

Ian Brazee-Cannon

Ian Brazee-Cannon was a storyteller from a young age. He is a writer, filmmaker, game designer and podcaster. His first novel is, A Day at Georgie and Armand’s Place. Over two dozen of his short stories have seen publication. Divided States of America, The Fifth Di…, Wondrous Web Worlds, Forgotten Worlds, Tales of the Talisman and various anthologies have featured his works. He has worked on supplements for the Ephemeris RPG. He is a founder and regular co-host on the Amateur Skeptics podcast. Dangling Carrot Films, Running Riot Productions and Ijin Studios have used him as a writer, director, producer and editor.

Jonathan Brooks

Jonathan Brooks started writing in 2017, after over two decades of being an avid reader of anything Sci-fi/Fantasy. Now he is the author of over 20 books in the genre he loves so much, with a focus in GameLit/LitRPG and Dungeon Core.

Robert Bulkeley Jr.

Robert Bulkeley is the Commander of Eighth Fleet of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN). He has been active with the organization since early 2010, and has been responsible for the corporate branding of the organization, as well as doing design work for David Weber. He is presently the ranking member and leader of Eighth Fleet, the territory comprised of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. He is an avid science fiction fan and reader, and counts the works of David Weber and Eric Flint among his favorites.

Andy Burns

A.M. Burns lives in the Colorado Rockies with his partner, several dogs, cats, horses, and birds. When he’s not writing, he’s often fixing fences, splitting wood, hiking in the mountains, or flying his hawks. He’s enjoyed writing since he was in high school, but it wasn’t until the past few years that he’s begun truly honing his craft. He is a previous president of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group: Having lived both in Colorado and Texas, rugged frontier types and independent attitudes often show up in his work.

Vivian Caethe

When not heralding the arrival of our robot overlords, Vivian Caethe writes science fiction, quirky non fiction, fantasy and everything in between. She lives in Colorado with her super genius cat.

Peri Charlifu

This year’s Artist Guest of Honor, Peri Charlifu is an artist who has been selling his work professionally for over 36 years. He graduated from Metro State College with a degree in psychology and art therapy. He has won dozens of awards and is founder and guild Primus of the Convention Artist Guild. His work is exhibited and sold all over the United States as well as other countries. To date, he has produced over 47,000 pieces of original art. All the design work is hand painted and/or carved and he mixes all his own stains and colors.

Craig W. Chrissinger

Craig W. Chrissinger covered April’s Williamson Lectureship at Eastern NM University for Locus Magazine, and also replaced his hot water tank this year. He was Fan Guest at ArmadilloCon 40 in August 2018. Since earning a Journalism degree in 1984, he has written for Fangoria, Starlog, Comics Buyer’s Guide, Comics Scene, and the Albuquerque Journal. He edits the Albuquerque SF Society newsletter, helps run ASFS and Bubonicon, and works at a bookstore. Hobbies include reading, MST3K, Elvira, Svengoolie, collecting toys, chatting, day trips, flirting, and silliness. He lives in Albuquerque with his wonderful girlfriend, Jessica, plus one loving cat.

J. Nathanial (Trapper) Corres

Nathanial (Trapper) Corres was born in Bournemouth, and has spent too much time in America. He began writing stories in his early years and started a formal series in 2014 – Camden’s Follies. He considers himself a galactic hitchhiker, anime fan, reader and general world observer. Trapper says, “Want to get inside my head? Read my books!” He is a cat owner, caregiver, author and poet as well as a caffeine vampire, chocoholic and Japanese food enthusiast.

Jessica Coyle

Jessica L. Coyle has attended conventions since she was a tween, and has participated in several costume contests. She has a Master’s in Museum Education from The George Washington University, and currently works at the Albuquerque Museum. She is Bubonicon’s Green Slime Mistress – annually recognizing wretched things – and also assistant con chair. This year, she has been taking a city-mandated management class, and traveled to New York City for a museum workshop. Hobbies include reading, various craft projects, yoga, and watching guilty-pleasure TV shows and British dramas/mysteries. She lives in Albuquerque with boyfriend Craig, and one superior orange tabby, Malcolm.

Kyle Crutcher

Kyle Crutcher is a local Colorado Springs artist who has been making pottery since high school. Kyle earned his BFA in Studio Arts with an Emphasis in Ceramics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His work runs the gamut from pieces inspired by English folk pottery with Celtic decoration to Retro Futuristic rocket ships. His work can be found in galleries and various shows throughout the year. When not making pottery in his studio, Kyle also teaches Ceramics at Pikes Peak Community College.

Marie DesJardin

Marie DesJardin writes humorous and dramatic science fiction, fantasy, and alternative history. Credits include Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Compelling Science Fiction, Flash Fiction Online, Helios Quarterly Magazine (featured author), Story Quest (award winner), and the ZNB anthology Temporally Deactivated. She was a finalist in the 2017 AnLab Readers’ Choice Awards and appeared in Humans Wanted, an Amazon bestseller. Marie writes short stories, novels and screenplays, enjoys hiking, and has traveled to over 30 countries. Please see or her page

Brenna Deutchman

Brenna Deutchman, owner of Whimsical Whiskers, LLC, is a fiber and textiles artist who finds great joy in creating stuffed animals and accessories. She travels to conventions around the country, helping friendly dragons to find adoptive homes.

F. P. Dorchak

P. Dorchak has been writing since he was six years old. He’s published in the U.S., Canada, and the Czech Republic. His novels are Voice, Psychic, ERO, The Uninvited, and Sleepwalkers, and his anthology, Do The Dead Dream? won the 2017 Best Books Award for Fiction: Short Stories. His short stories have appeared in small press magazines and regional anthologies. Frank can occasionally be reached in séances, and his website is Don’t believe everything he tells you.

Ming Drake

Ming Drake is a fiction writer working and dreaming in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife Xiaoyi, his kids (Chu, Lu and Lifu … precocious dragons) and his cats.

Glen Engel-Cox

Glen Engel-Cox grew up in Texas and left it as quickly as he could. Since then, he’s lived in California, Malaysia, Ohio, Saudi Arabia, and Washington (both state and District of Columbia). Glen writes alternate history and near-future SF and has published stories in Today, Tomorrow, Always; Alternate Presidents; Empyreome Weekly Flash Fiction; and New Pathways. His novel, Darwin’s Daughter, is available on Amazon. Glen lives in Golden, Colorado with his wife and two cats and is self-employed, mainly writing full-time for an international development non-profit in Denver.

J.T. Evans

J.T. Evans writes fantasy and urban fantasy novels. He’ll dabble with sci-fi and horror in short form as well. He is the former president of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group and Pikes Peak Writers. When not writing, he secures computers at the Day Job, home brews great beers, and plays way too many tabletop games. Despite having his right arm amputated and reattached after a nasty car crash, he types faster than the average bear. The first two novels in his Modern Mythology series Griffin’s Feather and Viper’s Bane are out now. He’s hastily working on more right now.

Arlen Feldman

Co-chair of COSine 2020, Arlen is a software engineer, entrepreneur (cofounder of Cherwell Software), costumer (of questionable taste), maker, tome-length computer book author, and a somewhat published author of short stories.

Danyda Feldman

Danyda is a storyteller, hypnotist, and artist, depending on the moon phase. She is also a member of the Daughters of the Dance-Dance Revolution.

Cynthia Felice

Cynthia Felice is hard to miss at 5’10”. She frequently carries a backpack instead of a purse and enjoys meeting new people and seeing old friends. Her solo SF novels include Godsfire, The Sunbound, Eclipses, Downtime, Nocturne, The Khan’s Persuasion, and Icemen, and Water Witch, Light Raid, and Promised Land with Connie Willis. her complex, carefully plotted novels have been described as engrossing, amusing, and compelling. Cofounder with Ed Bryant of the Colorado Springs Writer’s Workshop, Cynthia is now a member of Book View Cafe, making her a publisher.

Eric Flint

This year’s Guest of Honor, Eric Flint has written, co-written and edited dozens of novels. Best known for his 1632 (Ring of Fire) alternate history series, he is also well known for his comic fantasy and sci-fi novels.  He was the first librarian of the Baen Free Library, and is a prominent anti-copy protection activist. He lives in Northwest Indiana.

Kyra Fontaine

Kyra Fontaine is a coffee junkie who likes to read, play games, make stuff, write, build games and travel.

Richard E. Friesen

Richard Friesen is a science fiction and fantasy author currently writing about Narcolepsy, a humorous superhero, and a space opera about fame and loss, Clark Family Legend. And don’t forget the Dreaming King Saga–a 5 book epic fantasy series.

Steve Gaalema

Steve is presently working on LIDAR sensors for self-driving vehicles. Previously, he worked designing remote sensing instruments using IR detectors, including work on NASA Mars Climate Sounder instrument on the Mars Orbiter (operating in Mars orbit over ten years now). Interested in climate issues, he has been an “expert reviewer” for the last two IPCC assessment reports. Also interested in most all physical science and engineering.

Stephanie Gillis

Stephanie Gillis is the author of the urban fantasy series The Ashport Archives, a NaNoWriMo addict, and veteran YouTuber in both realms of booktube and J-vlogging. She lives in Westminster with her two dogs and very loud parrot. When not writing she can be found belting out Japanese music or trying new crafts that she will ultimate fail at. Approach with caution and puppies.

Laura Givens

Laura R. Givens is a cover artist for publishers all over the world. She is a published short story writer, movie director, archer, comic book expert, loud person, indoor nudist, improv survivor, editor, digital wizard, and a pretty fair Scrabble player. Come up to her this weekend and say SHAZBOT and she will tell you how she met Robin Williams. She lives in Denver.

Morland Gonsoulin

Co-chair of COSine 2020, Morland is a member of FFF, an avid science-fiction fan and world traveler. He has been a member of DASFA and a ton of other groups, as well as the founder of science fiction clubs in Oklahoma and California in the 1980s-90s. He has helped out with local cons for a while now; usually behind a camera or helping put out fires! His day job has the unfortunate and unpronounceable title of International Satellite Communications Systems Support Analyst – an unpleasant mouthful for the relatively simple profession of connecting people together across long distances!

Amy Griswold

Amy Griswold is a professional seamstress with over 30 years of experience in clothing construction and industrial sewing. Her body of work includes everything from wedding gowns and costuming to boat covers and custom reupholstery.

J.D. Harrison

J.D. enjoys cultivating soul satisfying relationships with animals, having conversations with genuine people, supporting her friends, and reading voraciously. She is most often found in the uncommonly intelligent company of her horse, Smoke. Animals are her first love and words a close second. Her writing career allows her to combine the two. After over a decade of experience squiring at a championship tourney, and a long-term love affair with all things medieval & renaissance, she uses fiction to bring to life the unorthodox culture of jousters and their horses. Keeping chivalry and romance alive will never grow old.

Heather “Ari” Harvey

Ari is a very lazy artist, a coffee enthusiast, a lover of the cute and the creepy…and a stalwart enemy of ham.

Rebecca Hay

I am an eccentric, quirky oddball with a penchant for all things crafty.

Rubiee Hays

Rubiee is a renaissance Pooka who sings, writes, blends geeky loose-leaf teas, and creates functional pottery. It is said that her mischievous grin, and bright laugh herald her arrival. She owns Dryad Tea and Dryad Pottery, where her art is available for purchase. Find her in the Art Show or online at and

Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson is a writer of fun science fiction adventures with some exploration of the human condition and the evolution of human society. He published four books of the Mantis Saga in a short time span. He is an Air Force veteran and a cyber professional with experience in intelligence, communications, computers, and cyber operations. He is a life-long aficionado of science fiction – books, movies, TV, and games (role-playing, tabletop, and computer). When not mentally exploring the universe, he lives with his wife, stepson, and 2 dogs and enjoys hiking, kayaking, gaming, and hanging out with grand kids.

Patrick Hester

Patrick Hester is an author, blogger, podcaster and two-time Hugo Award winner. He lives in Colorado, writes science fiction and fantasy, and can usually be found hanging out on social media platforms as @atfmb. His novel, Samantha Kane: Into The Fire is available at all major retailers and his short fiction, essays and articles can be found with a little Google-fu. He regularly attends conventions and conferences throughout the year.

Thea Hutcheson

Thea Hutcheson writes across multiple genres under multiple pseudonyms. Lois Tilton of Locus said her work in Realms of Fantasy’s 100th issue “is sensual, fertile, with seed quickening on every page. Well done…”  Her story in Hot Blood XI: Fatal Attractions, garnered an Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: 17th Annual Collection. She lives in an economically depressed, unscenic, nearly historic small city in Colorado. When she’s not working diligently as a Planning Commissioner to change that situation, she writes, and fills the time between bouts at the computer as a factotum.

Kevin Ikenberry

Kevin Ikenberry is a life-long space geek and retired Army space operations officer.  A former manager of the world-renowned U.S. Space Camp program, Kevin has a distinguished background in space science education.  His debut science fiction novel Sleeper Protocol was a Finalist for the Colorado Book Award and called “an emotionally powerful debut” by Publisher’s Weekly. Kevin’s other novels include Vendetta Protocol, Runs In The Family, Peacemaker, Honor The Threat, Stand Or Fall, Deathangel, and Redacted Affairs. Kevin lives in Colorado with his family.

Jeanne (Sourdough) Jackson

Jeanne began in SF reading Jules Verne at age 6 and Heinlein at 10, and found fandom in 1973. She has served on several con committees, including Denvention II (1981), edited fanzines, and has written a column on classic SF for over 10 years. Her marriage to longtime Denver fan Gail Barton began in 1978, ending in 2018 with Gail’s passing. She has published one novel, Torpedo Junction, an alternate-history look at World War II, and a book of essays on classic SF, That Old Science Fiction. Another essay collection, Writers of the Purple Page, and several other novels, are in the works.

Stace Johnson

Stace Johnson is a writer, poet, and musician whose work has appeared most recently in Flash in a Flash, Itty Bitty Writing Space, Star*Line, and Martian Magazine. He is a regular of the Colorado SF convention scene, and can often be found performing geeky music at local conventions. For more information, please visit

Lena M Johnson

Lena M. Johnson is a scientist with a writing problem. Holding an M.S. in Biology and currently working as a chemist, on weekends she volunteers at a dinosaur museum preparing fossils. She has been published in various anthologies, including Cat Tails: Warzone and previous Midnight Writers’ anthologies, of which she is a founding member. You can find her on social media as lenamjohnson for cat pictures and horrible puns.

Karen Jordan

Karen Jordan teaches Algebra 2 (MAT 099) at Colorado Springs Early Colleges. In her copious, non-existent spare time, she paints rocks with 719 Kindness Rocks, plays Pokemon Go with Team Mystic, supports the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, and runs the COSine Art Show.

Richard B Karsh

Retired physician Richard Karsh grew up in New York and was a folkie who hung out in Greenwich Village during the Golden Age of Science Fiction. In college, he was best friends with Lee Modesitt, Jr. His novel Rondel’s Quest is available on Amazon. Richard was chair of COSine 2019, when he first realized how much effort goes into COSine. Richard has lived in thirteen states plus D.C. but always came back to Colorado, where he has lived for the past 21 years. He has three kids and three stepsons, with whom he has been sharing his love of science-fiction and fantasy literature.

Carolyn Kay

Carolyn Kay is a fae changeling struggling to make it in the mortal realms as a meager scientist and writer. Her stories often involve the inanimate, which only she seems able to see as living, breathing creatures.

Chaz Kemp

Bram Stoker Award finalist Chaz Kemp embraces an Art Nouveau style incorporating vibrancy and color into fantasy and steampunk art. The Alphonse Mucha influence is evident in his award-winning work, combining the artistic energy of the Roaring 20s with the untamed diversity of steampunk and fantasy.  

Chaz’s art is featured in steampunk legend Paul Roland’s “Steampunk: Back to the Future with the New Victorians”. His work has appeared in Amazing Stories, Steampunk MagazineSavage Insider and Aurealis, as well as art for game publishers, conventions and book covers, including the novellas “Dien Vek” and “Sikevra” by his wife Carolyn Kay. In 2012, he illustrated his first graphic novel “Behind These Eyes”, written by Guy Anthony De Marco and Peter J. Wacks.

He recently finished his three-year project called the Ashelon Oracle Deck; a 52-card divination/gaming deck. (or become his patron).

A.L. Kessler

A.L. Kessler is an Amazon Best Selling author known for her Here Witchy Witchy series. She resides in Colorado Springs, CO where she’s a Marketing Director by day and an author by night.

David Kilman

David A. Kilman writes humorous science fiction in addition to five years writing the humorous SF Scide Splitters blog at Amazing Stories. Dave has swapped careers like some people change college majors. Occupations have included bookseller, elected official, court clerk, technical support, middle management, commodities trader and homeschool teacher. He made his first pro sale in 2016 to Galaxy’s Edge Magazine. Interests include reading, hiking, fantasy sports, book collecting, science and history. He is married, has five children and one grandchild.

Michael Kilman

Michael Kilman is an anthropologist who occasionally visits other worlds and reports back what he finds. When he isn’t writing fiction, he is lecturing at a few universities in the Denver metro area, or working on his YouTube series ‘Anthropology in 10 or Less.’ Michael can be found at his website,

Kimberly Klimek

Dr. Kim Klimek is an Associate Professor of History at Metropolitan State University, Denver, where she teaches about medieval history and the role of women in history. She is currently working on a textbook, The Global Middle Ages, a comparative work surrounding medieval concepts on a world stage. Her research interests include the intersections between gender and intellectual history, with a particular focus on women and their impact on historical writing. Her current projects include the use of graphic novels in history classrooms, and PTSD and medieval Crusade veterans.

Robbie Knight

I’m a sci-fi writer, on-air personality, voice actor and storyteller. Storytelling has informed my writing hugely; oral language, the original language, has deep roots in our cultural motifs (which are eternally repeated and updated) and gives a writer the organic feedback of a live audience in the moment of creation of plot twists, world building and other story beats. I go to Cons, but have never participated before. I would like to be more involved, starting at the 2020 Cosine!

DeAnna Knippling

DeAnna Knippling has a browser history full of murder, gore, and Victorian street maps.  She has ambitions to have a house with a secret room in the basement. She loves crows, cheese, chokecherry jam, and hot sauce, but not all at once.  Her latest book is The Knight of Shattered Dreams.  You can find her in Colorado with her husband and daughter, on her website at, or on Facebook.

Mike Kloepher

Mike (mikeyzart) Kloepfer is an award-winning artist with a career spanning over 3 decades. He has been an electronic illustrator for Microsoft and Boeing, he has drawn over 1,000 commissioned portraits and over 12,000 professional caricatures for collectors from every continent on earth! Mike is a founding member of the Convention Artists Guild (Colorado Chapter), and a studio artist at Helikon Gallery and Studios in Denver’s Rhino Arts District. He also plays in a band, and says he’s a pirate. See his artwork on Facebook and Instagram: @mikeyzart

Shannon Lawrence

A fan of all things fantastical and frightening, Shannon Lawrence writes primarily horror and fantasy. Her stories can be found in over thirty anthologies and magazines, including Space and Time Magazine and Word Horde’s Fright Into Flight, and her short story collection Blue Sludge Blues & Other Abominations is now available. When she’s not writing, she’s hiking through the wilds of Colorado and photographing her magnificent surroundings, where, coincidentally, there’s always a place to hide a body or birth a monster. Find her at

Ella LeBain

ET Experiencer, UFO Researcher, Ella LeBain is the author of a five-book series, Who’s Who In The Cosmic Zoo? A Guide to ETs, Aliens, Gods, Angels & Exoplanets (Skypath books). A series that discusses Discerning Disclosure of Alien life and its effects on our Culture and Religions.

Ella LeBain is originally from New York City. She received a Social Sciences Degree from the Biological Research Center of the Negev, where she was schooled in Biblical Hebrew, and an Astronomy Degree from New York’s Hayden Planetarium. She spent two years as a counselor and missionary in apartheid South Africa during the 1980s. Her close encounters caused her to dig deeper into what has become a 39-year journey to get to the truth about UFOs, Aliens, ETs, gods and angels and how they all fit into the endgame of our End Times scenario.

Rebecca Lickiss

A passionate reader, Rebecca Lickiss began telling stories at an early age. She finally decided to write them down for publication, since it was better than cleaning house again. Her website is covered with real cobwebs from neglect. Her children recently informed her that to have a real life she must have a presence on the web. So now she’s got to go get a life so she can put it on the web. Are you using yours currently?

Stant Litore

Stant Litore is the author of Ansible, Nyota’s Tyrannosaur, The Zombie Bible, and Dante’s Heart. Besides SF/F, he has written the writers’ toolkits Write Worlds Your Readers Won’t Forget and Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget, as well as Lives of Unstoppable Hope and Lives of Unforgetting, and has been featured in Jeff Vandermeer’s Wonderbook: An Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction. He has served as a developmental editor for Westmarch Publishing and holds a Ph.D. in English. He lives in Aurora, Colorado with his wife and three children and is currently at work on his next novel.

EJ Lowell

Author of nine sword and sorcery novels, digital artist, composer, screenwriter, voice actor, gamer, and sometimes Game Master. Following in my father’s (rather large) footsteps to the best of my ability.

Nathan Lowell

Full time novelist, Nathan Lowell published his first novel as a podcast before mainstream media invented podcasting. He’s been writing and publishing ever since.

Alastair Mayer

Alastair Mayer is a near-ancient British-Canadian-American who has haunted COSine for years.  Before his kids sapped all his energy, he was a pilot, scuba diver, astronaut candidate, space activist, and probably other things he doesn’t remember. A SFWA member, he has written for Analog, Byte, High Frontier and Final Frontier magazines. Now that his kids are adults, he has plenty of time to write, especially since leaving his day job at a Colorado-based satellite company. Alastair continues to write more of his popular T-Space novels, comprising the Alpha Centauri trilogy, the Kakuloa series, and the Carson & Roberts archeology adventures.

Robin Monogue

Robin Monogue is a fiber artist, painter, graphic designer, and web designer. She enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy, and listening to audiobooks while threading her floor looms or knitting. She is a long-time member of First Friday Fandom, and has been part of the COSine committee since the convention began in 2004. Robin created the cover art for eleven of the previous COSines. She lives in Colorado Springs, and likes to camp and hike in state and national parks throughout the west.

Ted Monogue

Ted Monogue enjoys science fiction, watching football, making electronic gadgets for the camper, and volunteering for things. He has chaired COSine several times, and is an active member of First Friday Fandom. He works as a programmer and systems architect for a defense contractor in Colorado Springs.

Mem Morman

A long-time science fiction fan, Mem reads, runs conventions, and is an active member of First Friday Fandom of Colorado Springs. She recently retired from a major software firm where she worked as a forensic accountant. She knits slippers, watches Jeopardy, and has never yet been caught playing the banjo in public, although the rumors abound.

Charles & Tauni Orndorff

The two of us have lived in Colorado Springs our entire lives. We have been making costumes and props for over 20 years. We have learned many different skills over time and are very glad to share our knowledge. We have a wide range of skills including sewing, fabrication, 3d design, and much more. We are instructors at the Pikes Peak Library District where we teach resin casting, silicon molding, and Beginning Cosplay.

Robin Owens

Robin D. Owens has been writing longer than she cares to recall and currently has 31 books, 2 novellas, and 2 story collections to her credit. Her HeartMate series consists of 16 books. Her Luna books series included shape-shifting fairies (3 books) and average American women Summoned into another world to fight monstrous evil (5 books).

She is profoundly thankful to be recipient of the Romance Writers of America RITA Award, the Denver Area Science Fiction Association Lungfish Award and twice named Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Writer of the Year.

L.F. (Laurey) Patten

L.F. Patten has often characterized her multitude of interests as “A.D.D of the right brain.” Degreed in history and anthropology, her checkered career has included work as an archaeologist on medieval castle sites in England, a tour guide at the Smithsonian, a history teacher, herbalist, book editor, actress, jewelry designer, and pottery/jewelry instructor. She has also been a writer for more than 30 years, publishing both articles and short stories. Her debut novel, the heroic fantasy The Talent Sinistral, launched at World Fantasy Con in 2014, was written in loving tribute to fellow right-brainers everywhere.

R. Henry Potter – Dawn of Dusk

Henry Potter (Rick) grew up in Florida and graduated from DeLand High School. He attended no less than 5 different institutions of higher learning before getting a degree. He hated writing in high school and didn’t start writing until he was in his late thirties. He has always been a Sci-Fi and fantasy fan but chose to write fantasy because he didn’t have a strong enough knowledge in Science. He is the father of eleven, three adopted and so far has eighteen grandchildren.

Cary Quinn

Cary Quinn is a long-time member of First Friday Fandom, and has been in charge of our video at COSine for many years now. He can usually be found watching animé or old science fiction movies in a dark room somewhere, but sometimes emerges into the light of day, snacks in hand, to talk about books and movies at First Friday meetings.

Gary Raham

Author/illustrator Gary Raham loves to engage kids (and adults) with his stories and illustrations. He has written 19 books of science fact and/or science fiction and numerous nature articles. Kirkus reviews said of his new SF novel, A Once-Dead Genius in the Kennel of Master Morticue Ambergrand,“The arch tone should remind readers of Kurt Vonnegut, although Raham is better grounded in exobiology and science and displays a more upbeat outlook for the human (and nonhuman) condition in this engaging tale.” Raham’s art appeared at The Loveland Museum and Gallery in a 2018 exhibition entitled From Saur to Soar.

Charles McLean Redding

Charles McLean Redding is a local artist, aspiring author, and an active member of the local theatre community. His wasteland bears have turned heads at conventions in Denver and Colorado Springs for the past two years, and his unique art styles are informed by his interests in the fantasy and post-apocalyptic genres, his work as a props artisan, and  anthropological studies. Look for his work at The Fire Thieves Studio on Facebook and Patreon, or see him in the upcoming fantasy improv comedy group, Adventures of the Mind: Pubs and Dragons in Colorado Springs’ Manitou Art Center!

Rob S. Rice

Rob S. Rice proudly considers himself an ‘Ambassador from the Past.’  He holds a doctorate in Ancient History and works as ‘The Professor’ at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, where he teaches all kinds of history to participants and customers alike.  He’s written large amounts of non-fiction historical material, including 776 entries in Amber’s Encyclopedia of Warfare.  He enjoys reading the old forgotten classics of Science Fiction and Fantasy and wearing period clothing—look for the mustached fellow in the top hat and Inverness cape.  His works of Historical Fantasy are available from the Esterhazy Press.

Vennessa Robertson

Vennessa Robertson is an author and is active in the writing and historic reenactment communities. She taught high school in Colorado and Alaska with dueling degrees in literature and history until a traumatic brain injury in 2009. Now, she lives in rural Colorado. When she is not writing or homeschooling, she is managing the family’s ever-growing large and small animal sanctuary ranch.

William “Knight” Rothmyer

William Rothmyer enjoys working on fundraisers for local charities such as Colorado Leather Fest, Denver boys of Leather, and Leather Colorado Foundation. His favorite thing to do on a given night is shine a pair of boots while laughing and playing with the local leather crowd. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of Bootblacking with anybody with a desire to learn. He is a fi rm believer in follow your heart, trust your sole. We present to you the 2017 Colorado Bootblack and 2nd runner up for 2018 International MR. Bootblack, he is your Bootblack Knight.

Christopher M. Salas

Born and raised in Pueblo, CO., Christopher M. Salas developed a penchant for science fiction and the paranormal from his grandmother Juanita, and his uncle, including watching Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and Buck Rogers. His uncle Augustine would tell tales at the dinner table, recounting scenes from movies he had watched, such as Dawn of the Dead or The Exorcist. This played a key role in Christopher’s predilection for horror and science fiction. Residing in Colorado Springs, Christopher dabbles his storytelling in Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Westerns, and Steampunk. While working on various literary works, Christopher also is a scriptwriter for Themis Comix.

Tim Simpson

Tim Simpson lives with two dogs, assorted silicon-based lifeforms and one extraordinarily-significant other named Kaia.

Patrick Smythe

Pat lives in Aurora, Colorado, and, together with his wife, raised two successful, independent daughters. Since 1978, he has spent his working days as a scientific glassblower. Family time, hunting, fishing, archaeological endeavors, and camping in the Colorado mountains fills the narrow gaps left between blowing glass, writing, and reading. The first draft finished, Pat is currently engaged in the slow process of editing and rewriting his first novel. He always thought as he got older, he would have more free time to do nothing. He is thankful to be wrong.

Melanie Unruh

Melanie Unruh is a Denver-area artist and maker, specializing in decorative and functional pottery, and fantasy and historical sartorial arts. A life-long fan of science fiction and fantasy literature, alternate worlds influence the styles and themes of her art. Currently, Melanie is focused on Steampunk themes, and is an instigator for the Denver Victorian & Steampunk Society.

James Van Pelt

James Van Pelt is a full-time writer in western Colorado. His work has appeared in many science fiction and fantasy magazines and anthologies. He’s been a finalist for a Nebula Award and been reprinted in many year’s best collections. His first Young Adult novel, Pandora’s Gun, was released from Fairwood Press in August of 2015. His latest collection, The Experience Arcade and Other Stories was released at the World Fantasy Convention in 2017. James blogs at, and he can be found on Facebook.

Josh Vogt

Amazon bestselling author, editor, and freelancer Josh Vogt’s work ranges from flash-fiction to short stories to novels that cover fantasy, science fiction, horror, humor, pulp, and more. His urban fantasy series, The Cleaners, is published by Story Strong Press and includes Enter the Janitor, The Maids of Wrath, The Dustpan Cometh, and Fellowship of the Squeegee. Other works: Pathfinder Tales: Forge of Ashes, and RPG tie-ins Solar Singularity, Fate’s Fangs, and Blood in the Mist. A Compton Crook Award and Scribes Award finalist, member of SFWA and International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. Find him at or on Twitter @JRVogt. He is made out of meat.

Ian Vroon

Everything Ian writes puts a new spin on fantasy as you know it. And when he’s not writing, he’s imagining his next book. Ian loves science and incorporates it heavily into his fantasy worlds. He also loves philosophy–and hates going with the crowd. He takes the reader on a journey of questioning and suspense, watching the characters struggle with interpreting and reacting to unfolding events. Living near the foothills of Colorado, Ian enjoys exploring the outdoors with his wife–soaking in the sights, sounds and smells of creation. But they are most passionate about their strategy games, usually spending hours nerding-out on one game.

Meg Ward

Meg Ward herds cats for a living, brews her own intoxicants, molds the young into raging feminists, and is responsible for all of the panels you hate at MileHiCon. She makes her lair in Denver with the Imperial Consort, two headstrong minions, and two cat overlords.

Benjamin M. Weilert

14er Climber, Rocket Scientist, Published Novelist, Movie Connoisseur, Amateur Photographer. Benjamin M. Weilert was born in Colorado in 1985. While he went to school for Mechanical Engineering (eventually earning a Master’s Degree), he has found science to be interesting enough to write fiction about it. He likes to classify his novels as “science fantasy,” wherein the science is real and (semi) accurate, but portrayed in a fantasy setting to make it accessible to non-scientific readers. If you want stories that are surreptitiously educational, he’s your man.

Connie Willis

This year’s Toastmaster, Connie Willis is one of the most awarded science fiction writers working today, with eleven Hugos, seven Nebulas, an induction into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, and has been named as a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America. Connie was our Guest of Honor in 2007 and has been our special guest every COSine since 2012.

Courtney Willis

This year’s Science Guest of Honor, Dr. Courtney Willis, fondly known as Doctor Science, has made an art of demonstrating scientific principles in a fun and engaging way. He presents to avid audiences at science fiction conventions throughout Colorado. As one of our special guests, over the years Courtney has taught COSine members how to measure the circumference of the earth, about science apps for your phone, magic tricks with science, when science got it wrong, and even gave us a scientific literacy quiz. (Yes, there actually WAS a quiz!)

Daniel A. Willis

Daniel A. Willis writes both fiction and nonfiction. In his historical works, he describes the world as it was. In his fantasy novels, he envisions it as it could be. A native of Ohio, Mr. Willis has called Colorado home for three decades.

Robert Williscroft

Dr. Williscroft is a retired submarine officer, deep-sea and saturation diver, scientist, author of numerous books and hundreds of articles, and a lifelong adventurer. He spent 22 months underwater, a year in the equatorial Pacific, three years in the Arctic ice pack, and a year at the Geographic South Pole. He holds degrees in Marine Physics and Meteorology, and a doctorate developing a system to protect SCUBA divers in contaminated water. A prolific author of both non-fiction and fiction, he lives in Centennial, Colorado, with his family.