COSine 2020 Schedule

Note: This page is an archive from COSine 2020 (January 17-19, 2020). Check the main COSine page to find details about the next COSine!

COSine 2020 is January 17th-19th, 2020. Here’s the general schedule for COSine 2020:

Dealers Room3pm-7pm10am-6pm10am-3pm
Art Show3pm-8pm9am-6pm9am-1pm
Con Suite4pm-1am8:30am-1am9am-5pm

For those who want do do a bit of planning, you can download the 2020 programming schedule here.

There will also be an electronic version of the program that you can put on your robot overlord control device smart phone. More details to follow.

Here are descriptions of all of the scheduled programs, although there might be minor tweaks between now and the con!

Friday, 1/17/2020

4-5pm: Breckenridge
Books that changed me/messed me up
Our panelists talk about books that had a major impact on their lives, or books that just got into their heads.
Engel-Cox (M), Burns, Vogt, F. P. Dorchak, LeBain

4-5pm: Snowbrush
Social media for dummies
Haven’t figured out how to use FriendFace yet? Our panelists provide advice on how to live in a Social Media world.
Nathan (M), A.L. Kessler, Hester, R. Monogue

4-5pm: Telluride
The joy of Discworld characters
Terry Pratchett created a wonderful (albeit very flat) world and populated it with incredible characters. Join our panelists as they discuss their favorites and what makes them special.
M. Bartlett (M), R. Knight, Fontaine, Larson

4-6pm: Aspen
Coloring for kids and adults
Whether it is with crayons, pencils or markers, coloring is relaxing, fun and a great artistic outlet. Coloring books and drawing implements will be provided (or bring your own).
D. Feldman (M)

4-5pm: ArtShow
Being kind to our fellow creatives
It gets pretty easy to become competitive with other creatives when you see them getting opportunities that you’d like to have for yourself. After years and years of working your butt off, you see your peers making gains while your career is at a seeming stand-still. It’s frustrating. Our panel talks about how important it is to be kind to each other and to be nice to your fans no matter what and what we can do to lift us all up!
Kemp (M), Deutchman, Kay, Unruh

5-6pm: Breckenridge
Sexism and racism in the books we loved
What is acceptable has changed radically, but books are stuck in their own time. Is it okay to still enjoy and recommend books that would now be considered sexist or racist? Where do we draw the lines?
Hutcheson (M), Arnold, Jackson, Robertson

5-6pm: Snowbrush
Tech vs. trolls – why we can’t have nice things
Trolls, social media manipulation, adversarial attacks on AI – what went wrong with tech?
Ward (M), A.L. Kessler, Courtney Willis, Caethe

5-6pm: Telluride
The Doctor through time
The Doctor has been around for more than 50 years. In that time, he/she has changed a lot, but so has the world. Our panelists discuss the impact of the times on the Time Lord.
Hester (M), Trapper, M. Kilman, Rebecca Hay

5-6pm: ArtShow
Cosplay and photography for Every-Body
How to make a costume that looks good, works for you and how to photograph it to your best advantage.
Griswold (M), Unruh, B. Bartlett

6-7:30pm: Breckenridge
Opening ceremonies/ice-cream social
The official opening of the convention! Come meet our guests for the first time, and hear the latest news. Followed by a liquid-nitrogen ice-cream social!

7-8pm: Snowbrush
The worst book I ever read (panelists bring books)
Come hear our panelists regale you with works of fiction so bad that you truly wonder at the judgement of the publishing industry.
Ward (M), Coyle, Chrissinger, Rice

7-8pm: Telluride
The technology of Heinlein
He came up with the internet (albeit with pneumatic tubes) but his spaceships were navigated by sliderule! Our panelists discuss the good and bad technological prophecies of Heinlein.
Williscroft (M), Jackson, Berger, Rebecca Hay

7-8pm: Aspen
Storytime for kids
Kids can come in their jammies and hear some bedtime stories.
D. Feldman (M)

7-8pm: ArtShow
Creative round table
We will talk with all creatives, artists, writers, costumers, creators and fans about how we create and what keeps us focused and motivated.
Kemp (M)

8-10pm: Breckenridge
Lee and Peri’s SF & horror trivia
Find a partner and test your knowledge of all the things we love – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and general Fannish trivia. Six teams of 2 will compete for fabulous prizes (better even than Rice-a-Roni!).
Charlifu (M), Moody

8-11:30pm: Snowbrush
Friday night at the movies

Quinn (M)

8-11:30pm: Aspen
Friday open filking
O Muse, sing…

Saturday, 1/18/2020

9-10am: Breckenridge
Hard sci-fi
Learn from our panelists how to approach writing hard scientifically-accurate sci-fi.
Williscroft (M), Mayer, Weilert, Ikenberry

9-10am: Snowbrush
Female superheroes
Our panelists discuss the history and current state of the genre, including the final realization on Holywood that female superheroes can be box office draws.
Arnold (M), Trapper, Coyle, Felice

9-10am: Telluride
What’s next after vampires and zombies?
We’ve spent decades with vampires and zombies. Our panelists discuss some of the other supernatural beings that deserve a chance in the spotlight.
Burns (M), A.L. Kessler, R. Henry Potter – Dawn of Dusk, R. Knight, Anderson

9-10am: Aspen
Kids’ games
Various fun and games for the younger fans.
D. Feldman (M)

9-10am: ArtShow
Sumi-e ink painting
Japanese ink painting.
Robert Hay (M)

10-11am: Breckenridge
Writing humor
Being funny is hard. Writing funny is harder. Find out how hard from our panelists.
D. Kilman (M), Hester, Connie Willis, Lickiss, Stith

10-11am: Snowbrush
YA for adults
The label says its for Young Adults, but who is really reading YA, and what of it should you be reading?
R. Monogue (M), A.L. Kessler, Coyle, Gillis

10-11am: Telluride
Slasher vs. creature feature: what scares us now?
Our panelists look at the past, present and future of horror and what we find scary.
Charlifu (M), Harvey, Robertson, Lawrence, Rice

10-11am: Aspen
An introduction to the Royal Manticoran Navy
David Weber is an award winning author. He crated a universe of rich detail in a military sci-fi setting. At the center of it is his main character Honor Harrington. The Royal Manticore Navy will explore why Honor is such a compelling character in an equally compelling story, and affectionately call the setting the Honorverse. Note: GoH Eric Flint has also written in this universe!
Bulkeley (M)

10-11am: ArtShow
Finding your bliss later in life (or at any age)
It’s never too late (Or too early) to follow your dream of becoming a creative! Whether you want to paint, act, sing, write, make jewelry, or whatever your passion is, let’s talk about how you just might be able to follow your bliss!
Unruh (M), Deutchman, mikeyzart

11am-Noon: Breckenridge
Writers write
Tricks and techniques from writers who live real lives and deal with interruptions and blocks, but write anyway.
Owens (M), Friesen, A.L. Kessler, Van Pelt, Vogt

11am-Noon: Snowbrush
Maintaining privacy in the Internet age
Our panelists discuss privacy issues in the age of the Internet.
D. Kilman (M), Trapper, Rebecca Hay, Lickiss

11am-Noon: Telluride
Magic of Harry Potter
Magic in the world of Harry Potter can be whimsical or scary. Panelists will discuss how magic works in the world, how it is taught, and how it is understood.
Unruh (M), D. Feldman, Arnold, Gillis

11am-Noon: Aspen
The alien dating game
Contestants (from the audience) have to choose a date from a motley collection of aliens and creatures (after guessing what type of alien they are). There will be prizes!
Givens (M), Ward, Coyle, Beetem, Anderson, Hutcheson

11am-Noon: ArtShow
Creature drawing: Fantasy edition
How do artists create believable fantasy creatures? Let’s discuss points of anatomy, references and environment.
mikeyzart (M)

Noon-1pm: Breckenridge
Our panelists discuss writing with other people.
Salas (M), Ikenberry, R. Henry Potter – Dawn of Dusk, Felice, Flint

Noon-1pm: Snowbrush
Voldemort: nature or nurture?
Was He Who Cannot Be Named always destined to be evil, or might he have turned out differently?
Arnold (M), Knippling, Trapper, D. Feldman, Gillis

Noon-1pm: Telluride
Creating a company in your garage
Can you still create a great company in your garage, or is that era over? Our panelists discuss.
Smythe (M), Gaalema, Daniel Willis, Anderson

Noon-1pm: ArtShow
Watercolor space painting for everyone
Kyle will teaching a hands on class and we will be doing a space panting! This class is for all ages, but children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.
Crutcher (M)

1-2pm: Breckenridge
Guest of Honor interview with Eric Flint
Learn about Eric Flint’s life and works as he is interviewed by our very own Richard Karsh. There will also be time for audience questions.
Karsh (M), Flint

1-2pm: Snowbrush
When are we going back to the moon?
It’s been fifty years. When and why are we going back?
Mayer (M), Jackson, Gaalema, Courtney Willis

1-2pm: Telluride
After NaNoWriMo
You’ve done it. November is over and you’re sitting on at least 50,000 words. What do you do now? Join the Midnight Writers Society as they discuss editing, how to keep that 1,667 words-per-day habit past November, and what to do with your novel when you’re done.
L. Johnson (M), Berger, Henderson, J.D. Harrison, Hutcheson

1-2pm: Aspen
Sci-Fi Name That Tune
How well do you know your sci-fi tv/movie themes? Put your knowledge to the test. Prizes!
Simpson (M), Coyle, Chrissinger

1-2pm: ArtShow
Hatch Your dragon
Fee $50. Choose your dragon and hatch them yourself! Choose your dragon from one of our hatchlings, then bring it to life by choosing their eye color and stuffing them yourself
Deutchman (M)

1-2pm: Summit Sofa Area
Temporary tattoos/Kids’ arts and crafts
Kids can come by and do some fun arts and crafts, including rub-on tattoos.
D. Feldman (M)

2-3:30pm: Breckenridge
Science of sewing machines: The development of a modern technology
Learn about the history and science of sewing machines from Dr. Science.
Courtney Willis (M)

2-3pm: Snowbrush
Research for writers
It is a rare work of fiction that doesn’t require at least _some_ research. Our panel discusses how to practically approach research, finding sources, keep track of the details, and, importantly, know when to stop!
Van Pelt (M), Brooks, DesJardin, Connie Willis, Hutcheson

2-3pm: Telluride
Best (and worst) movie/tv adaptions
Our panelists discuss their favorite and least favorite adaptations.
Hester (M), Givens, Weilert, Salas, Chrissinger

2-3pm: Aspen
Best (and worst) convention stories
Our panelists discuss the weird and wonderful things they’ve seen over their years of attending conventions.
Ward (M), Beetem, Harvey, Jackson, Charlifu

2-3pm: ArtShow
Digital art, the future and the artist
Digital art has changed a lot in the last 5 years, it is so much more than a push button way to make art. What is the artistry in computer art, where’s it going and are views about it changing?
B. Bartlett (M), mikeyzart

3-4pm: Snowbrush
Star Wars Loteria
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way, the Mexican lottery/bingo picture game was converted into a Star Wars version. Prizes!
Beetem (M)

3-4pm: Telluride
Writing the other (gender/culture/religion/species)
How to realistically write characters that are different from you, and avoid issues of appropriation. Major dos and don’ts.
Givens (M), Drake, DesJardin, Caethe, Lowell

3-4pm: Aspen
Mind exercises to release the creativity genie
Much of the challenge of being creative is about getting yourself into the right mental place. Our panelists demonstrate exercises that can get you there.
D. Feldman (M), Owens, Lawrence, R. Monogue, Arnold

3-4pm: ArtShow
Did someone say art and tea?
The importance of sharing a meal or a cup of tea, and working together in a group. Artists are isolated by nature when we work, so forming tea and art groups is a good way to share the experience!
Deutchman (M), Unruh, X. Knight, Charlifu

4-5pm: Breckenridge
An hour with Eric Flint
We don’t know what he will do — Read? Answer questions? Juggle? — but you don’t want to miss it!
Flint (M)

4-5pm: Snowbrush
Basics of mold making
Expert mold makers, the Orndorffs, demonstrate the basics of molding and casting materials.
C. Orndorff (M), T. Orndorff

4-5pm: Telluride
Ethics of mind reading
See into the minds of our panelists as they discuss mind-reading ethics.
Hutcheson (M), Owens, Knippling, M. Kilman, S. Johnson

4-5pm: Aspen
Sci-Fi Pictionary
You can picture it, but can you draw it? Audience-member teams compete. Prizes.
Harvey (M)

4-5pm: ArtShow
Art for mental health and therapy
Art can be used to work out problems and as therapy, you just need to know how. We will talk about the mechanics and principles to let your art help your mental health
Charlifu (M), Deutchman, Unruh

5:30-7pm: Ballroom 2
Author Reception & Mass Autographing
All of our authors will gather in ballroom 2 to sign books and meet with fans. There will be a refreshment buffet and a cash bar. We will also do the drawing for our charity raffle (must be present to win) and for our all-member prize drawings (don’t have to be present to win), which includes a number of very cool donated items, including a box-set by our artist guest-of-honor Peri Charlifu.

7-8pm: Breckenridge
Writerly pearls of wisdom
Our panel of authors talk about advice they’ve received that helped them along the path, along with ideas, techniques and phrases that resonated.
Van Pelt (M), Owens, Connie Willis, Felice

7-8pm: Snowbrush
First contact scenarios
Our panelists discuss what first contact might really look like.
F. P. Dorchak (M), Williscroft, Litore, Lickiss, Rice

7-8pm: Telluride
Professional self-publishing
How to make your self-published works look professional—fonts, covers, copyediting, etc.
Nathan (M), Burns, Vroon, Friesen, LeBain

7-8pm: Aspen
Eighth Fleet awards ceremony
The Royal Manticoran Navy
Bulkeley (M)

8-11:30pm: Snowbrush
Saturday night at the movies

Quinn (M)

8-10pm: Telluride
Late-night artist chat
Join AGoH Peri Charlifu and other artists as they chat about art and life.
Charlifu (M)

8-9pm: Aspen
One song to the tune of another
The music is from one place, the words from another. Our panelists (and audience members) see if they can bring the two together. Prizes.
Harvey (M), S. Johnson, D. Feldman, Anderson, Rice

9-11:30pm: Aspen
Saturday open filking
Sing once again with me, our strange duet…

Sunday, 1/19/2020

9-11am: ArtShow
Learn to use a sewing machine
Make and take a book/tote bag.
Griswold (M)

10-11am: Breckenridge
The writer’s life
What is the life of a professional writer like? If you have a day job and a family, how do you find time to write? Tips and tricks.
Ikenberry (M), Salas, Engel-Cox, J.T. Evans

10-11am: Snowbrush
How far away is AI really?
It seems like artificial intelligence is everywhere, but is it really? Our panelists discuss what AI is today and how far away we are from genuine AIs.
Friesen (M), Henderson, Williscroft, S. Johnson, R. Monogue, D. Kilman

10-11am: Telluride
Self-publishing on a budget
Interested in self-publishing but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Join the Midnight Writers Society to find out what you can do for free and what you’d want to pay for.
L. Johnson (M), Brooks, J.D. Harrison, Lowell

10-11am: Aspen
Costuming & prop-making with EVA foam
Expert prop-makers Tauni and Charles Orndorff demonstrate how to use EVA foam (and other materials) to make realistic props and costumes.
C. Orndorff (M), T. Orndorff

11am-Noon: Breckenridge
Writing alternate history
Our panelists talk about the challenges and rewards of twisting history.
Drake (M), Robertson, Daniel Willis, Litore, Flint

11am-Noon: Snowbrush
What the heck is that?
Dr. Science challenges the audience to identify some strange pieces of scientific equipment. Or you can bring your own and see if you can stump the doctor!
Courtney Willis (M)

11am-Noon: Telluride
Short story writing
What makes a short story work? How different is the process vs. writing novels?
Van Pelt (M), Lawrence, Weilert, Smythe, F. P. Dorchak

11am-Noon: Aspen
Growing up fannish
Here the confessions of people who joined fandom at a very young age and then never left.
Beetem (M), Coyle, M. Bartlett, S. Johnson, Chrissinger

11am-Noon: ArtShow
Using Oracle Cards to end your creative block
In this panel we talk about how you can use oracle decks to spark your creativity and to help you get back on the road to writing fantastic stories. We’ll demonstrate by using the Ashelon Oracle deck along with the guide book.
Kemp (M), Kay

Noon-1pm: Breckenridge
Twisted clichés
Can you breath life back into clichés to enrich your writing? Can you make your own better clichés?
Owens (M), Vogt, L.F. (Laurey) Patten, Brooks, Larson

Noon-1pm: Snowbrush
Fan-fic to fic (transitioning)
How to transition from writing fan fiction to stand-alone fiction.
L. Johnson (M), Kay, Trapper, M. Bartlett

Noon-1pm: Telluride
The editing process
You’ve finished your first draft — now the hard work begins. Our panelists discuss the editing process.
Friesen (M), Berger, Redding, R. Henry Potter – Dawn of Dusk, Stith

Noon-1pm: Aspen
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Marry/Merge/Murder
We randomly present some well known characters. The audience decides whether to take them home, have them done away with (and how), or, ahem, explore other options. Prizes.
Givens (M)

1-2pm: Breckenridge
Modernizing mythology
Writers like Neil Gaiman and Kevin Hearne have brought mythology into the modern world (although in very different ways). Our panelists discuss the challenges and rewards of reimagining old myths.
Larson (M), Burns, J.T. Evans, Caethe, Redding

1-2pm: Snowbrush
Making your history accurate _enough_
Our panelists discuss how much research is necessary to write compelling and believable historical fiction without necessarily getting PhDs in their subjects.
Connie Willis (M), Daniel Willis, L.F. (Laurey) Patten, Smythe, Flint

1-2pm: Telluride
Gender-bending superheroes and characters
Wonderman in his satin tights. Professor XX. Our panelists discuss how much gender is tied in to superhero identity and how they’d like to see things changed.
Harvey (M), R. Knight, Arnold, Rice, Gillis

1-2pm: Aspen
Kids’ coloring & crafts
Coloring and crafts for kids
D. Feldman (M)

2-3pm: Breckenridge
Religion in fantasy/sci-fi
Our panelists discuss the challenges of including religion (existing or created) in fantasy/sci-fi.
Klimek (M), Engel-Cox, Drake, J.T. Evans, Lowell

2-3pm: Snowbrush
Space and private industry
For a very long time, space was the province of governments, but no more. Our panelists discuss private industry’s forays into space.
Mayer (M), Nathan, Gaalema, LeBain

2-3pm: Telluride
Worldbuilding on the cheap
How to build a believable world without spending years inventing languages and culture?
Litore (M), Redding, Henderson, M. Kilman

2-3pm: Aspen
The art of reading aloud
Learn how to bring your words alive when reading to an audience.
D. Feldman (M), J.D. Harrison, L.F. (Laurey) Patten, R. Knight, DesJardin

3-3:30pm: Breckenridge
Closing ceremonies
Come say goodbye to COSine 2020 and our guests.