Although the schedule is finished, we are a little nervous about jinxing things by publishing it this early, but here is a list of the programs with descriptions (excluding some of the specific panels with our guests of honors)…

An Introduction to the Royal Manticoran Navy
David Weber is an award-winning author. He created a universe of rich detail in a military sci-fi setting. At the center of it is his main character Honor Harrington. The Royal Manticore Navy will explore why Honor is such a compelling character in an equally compelling story, and affectionately call the setting the Honorverse.

Anthologies Behind-the-Scenes
Putting together an anthology is a major undertaking. Join our panelists as they discuss all of the aspects of anthology creation–choosing and editing the stories, publishing the work, platforms, marketing, paying people, and keeping their sanity (although that last is optional).

Anthropology and World Creation
Join our panelists in a discussion of how to create realistic worlds, cultures and peoples based on a realistic understanding of how those things develop.

Appropriate Appropriation
If you can only write characters that are exactly like yourself, your fiction would be pretty boring, but as we have slowly started to learn, it is possible to do real damage by appropriating the stories and histories of other cultures. It is an incredibly fraght issue, but our panelists will try to highlight any bright lines that do exist, what things are completely reasonable, and how best to handle the edge cases.

Author Reception & Mass Autographing
All of our authors will gather in Foothills to sign books and meet with fans. There will be a refreshment buffet and a cash bar. We will also do the drawing for our charity raffle (must be present to win).

Best Magic Schools
Hogwarts vs. Brakebills. Unseen University vs.Wiz Tech. Or perhaps you’d just like to go straight for Miskatonic U. Join our panelists for a discussion of what makes a truly great wizard school, and why they always seem so dangerous. For bonus points, do the Hogwarts students ever learn reading, writing and math?

Best Rules for Time Travel
If you go back in time and try to shoot your grandfather, will he just give you a good spanking or will the universe split (or explode)? If you are trying to write about time travel, how do you keep your facts and story straight? How do you decide on your rules? And who has the best rules for handling paradoxes (hint: she is a guest at this convention).

Celebrating 4+ Decades of Elfquest
The first Elfquest story came out in Fantasy Quarterly in 1978, but it become much better known under the Pini’s own imprint–Warp Graphics. Elfquest is not just notable for its great art and storylines, but for being one of the early successes in the alternate independent comic scene. Forty years on, Elfquest is still popular and our panelist (including Jane Fancher, who was an artist on Elfquest) will discuss why Elfquest was and is so popular.

Closing Ceremonies
Come say goodbye to COSine 2022 and our guests.

Coloring for Kids and Adults
It’s fun. And relaxing. And colorful.

Constructing Languages (Conlanging)
Sindarin (Elvish), Dothraki, Klingon, or Ragi and Kyo (languages in C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner series). Languages add depth to storytelling but also alter the way characters think and interact. Our panelists will discuss how you create and use realistic languages in your fiction.

Costuming 201 (A Bit More Advanced)
Every convention seems to have a 101 panel on costuming, but once you’ve got the basics down, how do you move to the next level. Our panels will discuss leveling up techniques and resources.

Covers That Don’t Look Self-Published
They always tell you not to judge a book by a cover, but everybody does. It used to be that you could tell a self-published book across the room–and that didn’t count in the book’s favor. Now, though, as the technology has improved, and as more time and attention is being paid to layout and art, it is possible to create self-published covers that truly help sell your work. Come to this panel to hear a discussion on the hows and whys.

Creating Audio Books
This is a panel for both writers and performers. If you are self-published or your publisher isn’t willing to go to the expense of producing an audio book, then how do you go about it? Or, if you are a performer, how do you get the gig, and what are the mechanics of recording an audio book?

Creating Believable Monsters and Baddies
How do you create a foe that is scary and evil and also make them believable and not clichéd?

Creating with Other People (Writing/Art/Film/Etc)
How do you go about collaborating with other people so that you get the best out of everybody (and the fewest murder charges)? Our panelists will discuss different models and projects that went well (or otherwise).

D&D and Early Gaming
D&D came out almost fifty years ago, and several other games, (like fantasy trip and RuneQuest) followed soon after, but there were already a bunch of tabletop war games around that exploded in popularity in the seventies and eighties. Join our panelists as they roll a D20 down memory lane.

Decluttering for Creatives
Seems like there are a million shows about dealing with tidying up your life, but it is an exceptionally difficult problem when everything you have lying around could be used in a dozen different projects–no, really–unlike on those shows, you probably just grabbed a thing you found on your floor and turned it into something amazing! So how do you cope? Ask our panelists (but please don’t show them anything shiny).

Deep Fakes – Tech & Ethics
He said what? I don’t believe it? Well, maybe you shouldn’t. The technology for faking people’s faces and voices is getting better and cheaper and easier. So if you can’t trust your eyes or ears, do you just give up, or are there solutions out there?

Exoplanet Update
The technology and science being used to discover new exoplanets is constantly improving and expanding. Join our panelists as they discuss the latest discoveries and tech, including the first report of an exoplanet in another galaxy!

Facing Crises: Blitz vs. Pandemic
No one knows who is going to die and it seems like there is nothing you can do but follow instructions from the authorities and hope for the best as things stretched on. Obviously very different crises, but there are some interesting parallels between the blitz and the current pandemic. Our panelists will discuss the similarities and differences and how people did/might have reacted to each.

First Contact Scenarios
Our first contact with an alien species might be via a radio signal that takes decades to respond, or it might be somewhere in our own solar system with some bacteria, perhaps on one of Jupiter’s moons. But just suppose we figure out a way to travel to the stars and do meet another intelligent species. What then?

Food in Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Bubbly pies, lembas bread and butter beer. What F&SF food do you really wish you could try? Or have you figured out some recipes already?

Friday Night at the Movies

Friday Open Filking
Come to sing and play or just to listen…

Friday Storytime for Kids
Kids can come in their jammies and hear some bedtime stories.

From Idea to Story to Plot
The idea explodes into your head and its brilliant…but how do you write it? An idea is not a story–you have to do a lot of work to figure out how to make it one, and even then you are not done, because a story still needs a why, and that’s the plot. Our panelists will discuss how you expand an idea into a story and a plot.

Genre Bending
Weird westerns. Sci-Fi mysteries. Steampunk superheroes. Cthulhu-dinosaur-erotica… The sky’s the limit. Join our panelists as they discuss how you can successfully mix and match genres.

Global Warming – The Case for Optimism
Okay, we get that it is looking pretty grim, and it is easy enough to hear about how bad things are getting. But there are some glimmerings of hope too. Some investments, certainly, but also some technology that is showing some serious promise. So let’s spend a little time being a little bit hopeful… Note:This is not a panel to rehash old ideas about how man-made global warming isn’t a thing, but to discuss ways of addressing it.

Handling Rejection
The email arrives and you don’t want to open it because you know what’s coming. Thank you for submitting, but… So how do handle it and move on. Writers talk about how to put rejections into perspective.

Have You Watched…?
At last count, there are now about eighteen billion streaming services and if you tried to watch every new show, you’d still be in front of your screen when the heat death of the universe comes around. But maybe our panelists can help by recommending a few shows that may actually be worth watching (perhaps with a few suggestions from the audience).

If Robots Take All Our Jobs, What Will We Do All Day?
No, seriously. In the next 100 years (to randomly pick a timeframe) it is conceivable that computers could do most white-collar jobs and a significant percentage of other jobs–although this may just be in the first world. If that happened, then how would people occupy their time? It might be okay for the handful of “idle rich” people, but what about the not-so-rich?

Instant Slush Pile (live review panel)
This is a live feedback panel. If you are interested, bring a printed-out page (no more than 300 words) for review. It should be completely anonymous (don’t include your name anywhere on the manuscript). You can turn in the manuscript at registration or at the beginning of the panel. Manuscripts will be shuffled and then read out loud. The editors will indicate whether or not they would buy this story, and you will get a quick critique of the work. Authors can choose to reveal themselves or not.

Is Fandom Aging Out?
A lot of us started going to conventions a long time ago, and we were kids. It seems like a lot of us are still going to conventions, but our kids aren’t. Or maybe they are going to different conventions?

Keeping Your Digital Identity Alive after You Aren’t
If you write a book and get it published, there is at least a reasonable chance that it will be in a library somewhere (or at least in a used bookstore somewhere). But what about your websites, your posts, your tweets, your published articles, art, stories, poetry, music? Are there ways to at least let your family keep it going if you want them to? And what about after that? Are all our ones and zeros eventually just zeros?

Kids’ Arts and Crafts
Kids can come by and do some fun arts and crafts.

Lee and Peri’s SF & Horror Trivia
Find a partner and test your knowledge of all the things we love – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and general Fannish trivia. Six teams of 2 will compete for fabulous prizes (better even than Rice-a-Roni!).

Making a Creative Living
Whether you are a writer, an artist, a standup comic or anyone who is trying to make a living by creating, you know that it can be hard. Our panelists will talk about issues and strategies and also about the joy of doing what you love (and getting paid for it).

Militarily Correct (Writing)
There is nothing that brings someone out of a story faster than a lack of accuracy–particularly when your audience knows the details from personal experience! Even if your military is made up, the way that they behave has to be plausible. Our panelists will talk about how you can pull this off, research tools, and ways to validate your work.

Military Sci-Fi
Join our panelists as they discuss some of the most popular military sci-fi today and what makes it so popular.

My Favorite Doctor (Who?)
Thirteen doctors (or maybe sixteen, but who’s counting?). A lot of very different people, and different times, so it would hard to be able to say that there is a “best” doctor, but everyone has their favorite, and their reasons.

One Song to the Tune of Another
The music is from one place, the words from another. Our panelists (and audience members) see if they can bring the two together. Prizes.

Opening Ceremonies/Ice Cream Social
The official opening of the convention! Come meet our guests for the first time, and hear the latest news. Followed by a liquid-nitrogen ice-cream social!

Paleontology Update
Find out what’s new in the world of paleontology.

Plotting vs. Pantsing Smackdown
Do you plot out your stories and novels in detail or do you just start writing and hope things will come together by the seat of your pants?  One group is going to be much more prepared for this panel, but the other may be better at thinking on their feet…

Prop-making Demo
Join the Orndorff as they demonstrate advanced mold-making techniques.

Psychology of Convincing People
Research has shown that, as frustrating as it is, facts don’t convince people. So, how do you go about convincing people to change their mind?

Quantum Computing Update
Quantum computing may be the future of super-computing, at least for certain types of problems. Our panelists will discuss where we’ve got to with quantum computing, what it is and is not good for, and what challenges still remain.

Recreating Dinosaurs
Okay, so there’s two ways that this panel could go. First of all, how do you figure out what what a dinosaur really looked like and how it behaved from a few bones, some fossilized footprints and very little else? Second, what’s the chance that life will actually find a way and we could actually bring one back?

Representation in Fandom
Is Fandom representative of society, and if not, why not? What should we be doing to make it more representative?

Rich Guy’s Space Race
SpaceX. Blue Origin. Virgin Galactic. It seems like the new toy for billionaires is a space company. To be fair, most of us are geeky enough that, given a few billion, we’d probably want our own rocket. But what does it say about our society and priorities that this is how we seem to be going to space now? (Hint: one of the panelists may have written a book about this).

Saturday Night at the Movies

Saturday Open Filking
Come to sing and play or just to listen…

Saturday Storytime for Kids
Stories for kids (and adults)

Sci-Fi Pictionary
You can picture it, but can you draw it? Audience-member teams compete. Prizes.

Sci-Fi Predictions
How good has sci-fi been at predicting the future? What has sci-fi got really right or really wrong? And what predictions are we seeing in sci-fi now that would be nice (or terrifying) to see come true?

Short Story Writing
There’s an art to writing good short stories. And other arts involved in editing and selling them! Our panelists will talk about the entire lifecycle of the short story.

Spaceships around the Sun & Interloping Exoplanets
We’ve been seeing through SOHO Stereo A Cor1 & 2, and the Lasco 1,2,3 Coronagraph Space Telescopes what appears to be gigantic Spaceships, shaped like the Ahura Mazda stationed and moving around our Sun.  We’re also seeing spherical-shaped objects that based on scale could be exoplanets, exomoons or large motherships. Astronomer Ella LeBain has been a Skywatcher and Researcher of Space Controversies for decades now, and has compiled shocking evidence that we’re not alone in our Solar System, that there’s something unprecedented going on with our Sun.  Seeing is believing, eye-popping slideshow included.

Speaking Funny (Accent Panel)
You hear someone talk and you immediately start making assumptions about where they’re from. But it’s not that easy–particularly if, like some of our panelists, you can sound like you came from just about anywhere! Our panelists will demonstrate how they can bend their voices and also talk about the importance of accents and dialect on perception and performance.

Star Wars Loteria
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way, the Mexican lottery/bingo picture game was converted into a Star Wars version. Prizes!

Steampunk Couture
When you see someone pulling off a steampunk look well, it can be truly awesome. Our panelists will talk about the looks, the tools and the tricks of the trade.

The Alien Dating Game
Contestants (from the audience) have to choose a date from a motley collection of aliens and creatures (after guessing what type of alien they are). There will be prizes!

The Editing Process
You type “The End” and breath a sigh of relief. But you are not done at all. Some people believe that a story or novel doesn’t really get written until the edits. Either way, our panelists will talk about this most painful of processes [Note: Person writing descriptions may currently be editing a novel. No way to know.]

The Gods Next Door (In Movies, Books & TV)
The gods in movies used to be awesome and terrifying, but now they are watching tv and drinking beer. Whether its the Norse gods in the Marvelverse, the Greeks in Percy Jackson or, well, all of them in Gaiman’s American Gods, it seems that the gods are all a lot closer than they used to be.

The Impact of Sewing Machines with Dr. Science
Sewing machines have been around for about 170 years, and had a major impact in factories and in the home. Join Dr. Science as he talks about the history and technology of these amazing machines, including some that he will be bringing to demonstrate.

The Predictions of Robert Heinlein
He came up with the internet (albeit with pneumatic tubes) and mobile phones, but his spaceships were navigated by slide rule! Our panelists discuss the good and bad tech predictions of Heinlein.

The Truth Is Out There
So, the report is out, and the government can’t explain 143 “UAP”s – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena from 2004-2021. And, of course, there are other reports that go back much further. The panelists will discuss these and other related topics.

The Two Grand Masters
Interview and Conversation with Sci-Fi Grand Masters CJ Cherryh and Connie Willis

Where Does Connie Willis Get Her Ideas?
We all really want to know the answer to this question! There may also be a reading…

Writing Order Out Of
Writers generally prefer that you read their work in order, but it is a dirty little secret that it is often not written that way! Our panelists discuss why and how they write out of order.

Writing/Artist Career Milestones
Your first sale. The first story you wrote that made someone cry. The first piece of art that you saw on display. Your first sale for enough to pay the rent. What are the milestones that make a career? What are the milestones still to come? Is there ever really an end?