Schedule 2024

Note: This page is an archive from COSine 2024 (January 19-21, 2024). Check the main COSine page to find details about the next COSine!

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Schedule as of Jan 8, 2024
This is hopefully the final schedule, but there may be a few tweaks before the con!

Friday, Jan 19

4-5pm: Main Events
Tell, Don’t Show
Practically the first bit of advice that every writer is given is “Show, don’t tell” along with “Write what you know.” But sometimes, telling is exactly what you need to do. Our panelists will talk about when to subvert this and other “rules.”
Connie Willis (M), Fantastic, Knight, Asaro
4-5pm: Cripple Creek
Science of Cooking
For many of us, cooking is a lot like potions class from Harry Potter–follow esoteric directions and hope that it doesn’t explode (And if your casserole recipe calls for eye of newt, you might want to invest in a newer edition). But there’s real science behind those recipes, as our panelists will explain.
Wahl (M), Fontaine, B. Hay, Courtney Willis
4-5pm: Front Range
Missed Futures – Blade Runner 2019, Back to the Future 2015, Etc.
The future is just like today, only better. And with a score by Vangellis. Except sometimes, when there are weirdos in souped-up cars trying to kill you. Which shows had the best versions of the future? Which shows got it right, and which got it unbelievably wrong?
Klimek (M), Ikenberry, L. Johnson, Spear, Lawrence
5-6pm: Main Events
No, Really, What is AI?
You have noticed recently that every single thing seems to be AI powered. If you aren’t using an AI toothbrush, you are obviously stuck in the past–as the toothbrush will tell you. Our panelists will separate the hype from the reality and explain what AI is and, more importantly isn’t. And, just because Skynet isn’t around the corner, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to worry about.
Friesen (M), G. Engel-Cox, Bell, Stith
5-6pm: Cripple Creek
Historical Crafts
Hard to believe, but there was a time where things were made by hand, rather than conjured into being by the Amazon necromancing department. Our panelists will talk about some different historical crafts that can still be practiced today.
Unruh (M), Peri, Coyle, B. Hay
5-6pm: Front Range
Writing for Themed Anthologies
At long last, someone has put out an open call for a paranormal underwater squirrel anthology. Should you write a story for it, adapt an existing story (you could add a ghost to that one story and turn the ocelot into a squirrel…), or give it a pass? Our panelists discuss writing and submitting to themed anthologies.
Knight (M), Teffeau, Weilert, Boop
5-6pm: Lobby Nook
Coloring for Kids & Adults
Surprisingly restful. We’ll bring supplies, but feel free to bring your own as well.
Angel (M), Fantastic, Cober
6-7:30pm: Main Events
Opening Ceremonies
The official opening of the convention! Come meet our guests for the first time, and hear the latest news. Followed by a liquid-nitrogen ice-cream social!
7-8pm: Cripple Creek
Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam
Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs, beans, spam, spam, spam and spam.
Beetem (M), Chrissinger, Angel, Fontaine, Hutcheson
7-8pm: Front Range
One Song to the Tune of Another
Can our panelists sing the lyrics from one song to the tune of another? Can you? Surprisingly difficult and often really, really funny. Prizes.
Ari (M), Rice, S. Johnson, Ana, Hendrix
7:30-9:30pm: Main Events
SF & Horror Trivia with Peri & Lee
Find a partner and test your knowledge of all the things we love–Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and general Fannish trivia. UP to six teams of 2 will compete for fame and fabulous prizes*. (*For some value of fabulous)
Peri (M), Moody
8-10:30pm: Cripple Creek
Friday Night at the Movies
Come watch some interesting videos, possibly with a Pythonesque flair to follow-on from the Spam panel.
8-11:30pm: Front Range
Friday Open Filking
Come to sing and play, or just to listen. If we ask nicely, our GoH Catherine Asaro might swing by…
S. Johnson (M), Rice
8:30-10pm: Gaming
Settlers of Catan – Fri
Collect resources and build roads and settlements.
I have longest road – it goes all the way around the board! Now I just need to build a single settlement…
McQuown (M)

Saturday, Jan 20

9-10am: Main Events
Give Yourself Permission to Suck
We spend our lives striving to meet impossible goals, with the most out-of-reach being the ones we set for ourselves. For some people, that works well, but for others, it seems like a case of “if at first you don’t succeed, give up.” But maybe there’s a better way–by giving yourself permission to not require perfection on your first go round?
Klimek (M), Weilert, Fantastic, Dwelis, Dorchak
9-10am: Cripple Creek
Publicly Reading Your Work
Maybe you are doing a publicity tour for your work, or maybe you’re recording a sample for social media. Or, maybe, you are recording an audio book of your work (because you charge yourself less than, say, Wil Wheaton would).  No matter the reason, you need your work to come alive. Our panelists will discuss tools and techniques.
Berger (M), Jacobs, Robertson, D. Feldman
9-10am: Front Range
Settling the Solar System
It’s a lovely sci-fi trope–humanity spread throughout the solar system, mining the asteroids, living on the moon, Mars and elsewhere. But, so far, the most we’ve been able to do is have a handful of people in a space station so close you can see it go overhead on a clear night. What are the challenges we face and how close are we to overcoming any of them?
McCarthy (M), Henderson, Sartucci, Carroll
9-11am: Lobby Nook
Saturday Stitch & Bitch (Open Crafting)
Grab a drink from the con suite and bring your current craft project to work on with a group of your fellow crafters.
Meg (M), Unruh
9-10am: Art Show
Marketing Your Art 101
Making art is the fun part, but if you want to monetize your hard work, you have to know some tricks. Peri has been a professional artist for over 45 years and is willing to share his vast knowledge with you! $5 fee for handouts.
Peri (M)
10-11am: Main Events
Why Does My Magical Realm Feel like Cleveland?
Which may not be fair to Cleveland, which we are sure is a lovely place, but is not the greatest setting for high-fantasy. Our panelists discuss creating realistic worlds for your work.
Hutcheson (M), Owens, Dornbusch, Patten, Harris
10-11am: Cripple Creek
The Influence of Discworld and Hitchhiker’s Guide
It’s hard to remember a time when 42 wasn’t the meaning of life, the universe and everything, or before Death rode a horse named Binky over a flat world, sitting on four elephants on the back of a giant turtle. Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett completely redefined humor in sci-fi and fantasy. How did they do it, and what is the impact on modern SFF and fans?
Kilman (M), Frensley, Chansky, G. Engel-Cox, Fontaine
10-11am: Front Range
Hard Sci-Fi
The general definition of hard sci-fi is sci-fi that is “characterized by concern for scientific accuracy and logic.” The word concern is doing a lot of work in that definition. Our panelists will discuss the ins, outs and shades of hard sci-fi, and when and how to break the rules (of physics).
McCarthy (M), Berger, R. Gary Raham, Kuintzle, Asaro
10-11am: Art Show
Ink Painting
Traditional Japanese Sumie, a historical Japanese art form explained in a modern way. Blending old and new, creating something infinite.
R. Hay (M)
11am-Noon: Main Events
An Hour with Catherine Asaro
Spend an hour with our Guest of Honor Catherine Asaro.
Asaro (M)
11am-Noon: Cripple Creek
Stone Circles
Stonehenge is the most famous, but there are hundreds of stone circles in Britain, Ireland, and around the world. What do we know about them and why do they fascinate us so much?
Hutcheson (M), Patten, Smythe, D. Feldman
11am-Noon: Front Range
Tech That Changed the World
Everybody knows the wheel and the steam engine, but what are some of the other inventions that changed the world. Were they inevitable and, if not, what would the world look like without them?
Courtney Willis (M), J. Engel-Cox, Brodski, Leininger
11am-Noon: Lobby Nook
Sci-Fi Pictionary
You can picture it, but can you draw it? Audience-member teams compete. Prizes.
Ari (M), Ana
11am-1pm: Art Show
Fairy House Make-and-Take
Come and learn how to make a fairy house out of polymer clay! There will be a fee for materials.
Bartlett (M)
Noon-1pm: Main Events
AI and the End of Truth
Seeing is believing, right? Except the pictures you are seeing could have been generated by an “AI”. Oh, and the voice you are hearing, not to mention the words being said and, soon, the video you are watching. How do we adapt to living in a world of computer-induced hallucinations?
A. Feldman (M), Brodski, Chansky, Asaro
Noon-1pm: Cripple Creek
Differentiating Between You and Your Characters
Have you ever read back your current draft and realized that one or more of your characters has the same thoughts, beliefs, and the same taste in death-metal folk music? Our panelists will discuss the pros and cons of stealing from your own life and ways to individuate your characters. And yes, individuate is really a word.
Knight (M), Owens, Ikenberry, Stith, Connie Willis
Noon-1pm: Front Range
Writing in Someone Else’s World
Whether it’s a collaboration/shared world or fan-fic, writing in someone else’s universe presents interesting challenges and benefits.
Eckert (M), Boop, Brazee, DesJardin, S. Johnson
Noon-1pm: Lobby Nook
Star Wars Loteria
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the Mexican lottery/bingo picture game was converted into a Star Wars version. Prizes!
Noon-1pm: Gaming
Azul – Sat
Players collect tiles to fill up a player board. No, I’ve told you a hundred times–the Azul tiles do not make a Rorschach test, and, no, I don’t see a bunny.
McQuown (M)
1-2pm: Main Events
An Hour with Connie Willis
Join Connie as she discusses “My Favorite Movies and What I Learned from Them.”
Connie Willis (M)
1-3pm: Cripple Creek
Instant Slush Pile (live review)
This is a live feedback panel. If you are interested, bring a printed-out page (no more than 300 words) for review. It should be completely anonymous (don’t include your name anywhere on the manuscript). You can turn in the manuscript at the beginning of the panel. Manuscripts will be shuffled and then read out loud. The editors will indicate whether or not they would buy this story, and you will get a quick critique of the work. Authors can choose to reveal themselves or not.
Berger (M), Knight, G. Engel-Cox, Teffeau, Stith
1-2pm: Front Range
Whereas once LGBTQ+ characters were conspicuously missing from SFF, it seems that the tide is turning, and there are now rich subgenres of LGBTQ+ SFF fiction. What does this look like today, and how far has it made it into the mainstream?
Meg (M), Dornbusch, Klimek, Jacobs, Crutcher
1-2pm: Lobby Nook
Storytelling for Kids & Adults
Master storyteller Danyda Feldman will entertain kids and adults with stories from her vast repertoire.
D. Feldman (M)
1-2pm: Art Show
Sculpting Demo with Jim Humble
Come see Jim Humble, our artist guest of honor, demonstrate how he makes those amazing sculptures.
Humble (M)
2-3pm: Main Events
An Hour with Steve Leininger
Spend an hour with Science Guest of Honor Steve Leininger, creator of the TRS-80 personal computer and current-day maker.
Leininger (M)
2-3pm: Front Range
Turning Your Trauma into Art
When life hands you a kick to the face, you make…art. Because that’s what you have to do. Our panelists talk about how.
Fantastic (M), Peri, Z.S. Diamanti, Chansky
2-3pm: Lobby Nook
Encouraging Advice for Artists and Writers
At times, the creative life can be challenging. At other times, it can be really challenging. Our panelists have all been there, and will hopefully be able to give you some words of wisdom that will help you get through the darkness, or, at the very least, can give you a tissue.
Owens (M), Carroll, Crutcher, Brazee, Dorchak
3-4pm: Main Events
How to Use a Slide Rule with Courtney Willis
If you want true geek cred, you absolutely must be able to use a slide rule. Ideally, you will then be able to use it to navigate a rocket you built in your garage using only memorized star charts and an astrolabe. But, baby steps! Courtney “Dr. Science” Willis will teach us how to do basic calculations using a slipstick.
Courtney Willis (M)
3-4pm: Con Suite
Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea sponsored by The Denver Victorian & Steampunk Society. There will be a selection of scones, tea sandwiches, and cookies served in the Con Suite. Stop by for a cuppa.
3-4pm: Cripple Creek
Writing a First Draft with NaNoWriMo
November is National Novel Writing Month, and the theory is that you will write 50,000 words on a new or current manuscript. No, really. Our panelists will talk about how to go about creating a first draft during NaNoWriMo.
Weilert (M), Henderson, Ikenberry, Dwelis, Haspil
3-4pm: Front Range
Punk Punk (Steam, Cyber, Solar, etc.)
First there was cyberpunk. Then steampunk. Now there’s solarpunk, magicpunk, desertpunk, oceanpunk and a whole universe of other punks. We hear there’s even a music punk of some sort. Our panelists will talk about the different punk punks, their history, appeal and their favorite examples.
Teffeau (M), Boop, L. Johnson, Hendrix
3-4pm: Lobby Nook
Awfully Awful Books (reading panel)
Come listen to our panelists read from some of the worst books ever set to print.
Coyle (M), Klimek, Patten, Spear
3-4pm: Art Show
Docent Tour with Peri
Peri will give a docent tour of the art show.
Peri (M)
3-4pm: Gaming
Ticket to Ride
She’s got a ticket to ride, and she don’t care…that you just cut off her only route to Las Vegas. A fun and simple rail-building game.
McQuown (M)
4-5pm: Main Events
Handling Rejection & Criticism
If you ever put your work out into the public sphere or, gasp, try to sell it, at some point you are going to get rejected and criticized. Probably a lot. How you handle this will have a big impact on your mental wellbeing, and your career. The panel will give you some strategies and advice on how to constructively (or at least non-destructively) manage rejection and criticism.
Chrissinger (M), Haspil, Hyde, DesJardin, Qwordy
4-5pm: Cripple Creek
From Mainframes to Smart Phones
It’s hard to believe, but it’s only been about sixty years from practical mainframes to supercomputers you can carry around in your pocket. Our panelists will discuss the history and its highlights (good and bad) and predict where things are headed.
Courtney Willis (M), Wahl, McCarthy, Leininger
4-5pm: Front Range
Ever wonder what it would take to start your own podcast. Or improve on your existing podcast? Our panelists discuss the whys and wherefores.
Lawrence (M), Rapplean, Brodski, Spear, Bobbi
4-5pm: Lobby Nook
Graveyards Appeal
Granted, it’s not for everyone, but there’s something about graveyards that appeal to a lot of us. Our panelists will discuss what draws people to graveyards, both today and historically, and may share their favorites from around the world.
Owens (M), A.L. Kessler, Unruh, Ari, Smythe
5:30-7pm: Atrium
Author Signing
Come by and get your books autographed by GoH Catherine Asaro and the many other authors at the convention, and see if you’ve won anything in the charity raffle. There will be some treats.
7-9pm: Main Events
SFF/Horror Wheel of Fortune
Just like on the telly (with an actual for-real giant spinning wheel), but with a more SFF slant to the puzzles. Prizes!
C. Orndorff (M), T. Orndorff
7-8pm: Cripple Creek
Cryptozoology Roundup
Get the scoop on the latest in the world of cryptozoology. As a clever plot, we’ve invited Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, the Chupacabra and the Mokele-mbembe to be on the panel. Bring your cameras in case they fall for it…
Berger (M), Santana, Hendrix, Humble
7-8pm: Front Range
Why Do Big Corporations Suck?
They start out saying “Don’t be Evil” then they get big and start thinking that the “Don’t” is standing between their shareholders and a whole lot of cash, and it turns out that feeding employees and customers into a woodchipper is a more cost-effective way to heat their buildings. Maybe we are a bit cynical (or not cynical enough). Either way, our panelists will discuss what’s gone wrong with big corporations and what can be done about it.
Kilman (M), Brodski, Williscroft, Spear, Hyde
7-8pm: Lobby Nook
NCWW 50th Anniversary Celebration
The Northern Colorado Writers Workshop (NCWW) was founded in 1974 by writers Ed Bryant and John Kennedy, and typically meets in the Denver area. All current and former members and associates are invited to help us celebrate our 50th anniversary. Feel free to drop by and say hello to old and new friends, share memories, and bask in that special bond that all writers share.
DesJardin (M)
7-9pm: Gaming
Catan Tournament
Test your Catan prowess against all comers. Prizes (No, not sheep)!
McQuown (M)
8-11:30pm: Cripple Creek
Saturday Night at the Movies
Various shorts and interesting videos.
8-11:30pm: Front Range
Saturday Open Filking
A lot like Friday Open Filking but, er, on Saturday. Come to sing and play, or just to listen.
Rice (M), S. Johnson

Sunday, Jan 21

9-11am: Art Show
Flower Crown Make-and-Take
Come and learn how to make flower crowns, and if you want, make one of your own! There will be a fee of $15 for each crown.
Warner (M)
9:30-10:30am: Gaming
Azul – Sun
Tile game. All in all, you’re just another tile on the wall!
McQuown (M)
10-11am: Main Events
The Funny Side of First Contact
Sometimes the aliens come and blow up all our buildings. Or we capture them and dissect them. And sometimes the alien shoves us in an RV and forces us to head to Las Vegas for an Elvis wedding (Hey, it happens.) Our panelists discuss some of the more humorous ways that we might end up meeting with aliens.
Chrissinger (M), Frensley, R. Gary Raham, Connie Willis
10-11am: Cripple Creek
Writing Disabled Characters
Representation is very important in fiction, but it’s not great if your characters are stereotypes or window dressing. Our panelists will discuss why and how to create realistic characters with disabilities.
Robertson (M), Kuintzle, Dornbusch, Sartucci
10-11am: Front Range
Building Your Time Travel Bugout Bag
The time vortex is coming for you, and you have no idea when it will drop you. Hopefully you’ve planned ahead and put together your bugout bag. Our panelists will discuss the pros and cons of what you should take (and what you should leave if you don’t want to be burnt at the stake/thrown into a volcano/forced to rewrite the complete works of Shakespeare).
A. Feldman (M), Smythe, Rice, Leininger
10-11am: Lobby Nook
Sunday Stitch and Bitch (Open Crafting)
If you couldn’t make it Saturday (or even if you could), another chance to work on your projects with other crafters.
D. Feldman (M), Ana
11am-Noon: Main Events
Military Sci-Fi
Military sci-fi is a very popular subgenre, with its own strong following, but many SFF stories/novels contain military elements that need to be believable. Our panelists will discuss the challenges of writing military sci-fi and getting it right.
Haspil (M), Bell, Henderson, Asaro, Brazee
11am-Noon: Cripple Creek
The Latest in 3D Printing & Making Tech
3D/making tech seems to be on an explosive trajectory. Just a few years ago, 3D printing was something that required a strong technical background and a whole lot of patience. Now you can buy 3D printers and laser cutters at Best Buy. What does the tech look like today and where is it going?
A.L. Kessler (M), C. Orndorff, Mayer, Leininger
11am-Noon: Front Range
Best Superpowers
Flying is pretty cool, but it can take a while to get clearance from the tower. Our panelists will discuss the pluses and minuses of different superpowers. After last year, we’ve had to ban radioactive insects.
Frensley (M), Santana, Heer, Kilman, Harris
11am-Noon: Lobby Nook
Drawing with Jim Humble
Learn to draw from our artist Guest of Honor Jim Humble. Okay, so one hour might not be quite enough to become an expert, but Jim will get you started!
Humble (M)
Noon-1pm: Main Events
Right to Repair
You bought it, you own it. Sort of. Thanks to skullduggerous corporations and overbroad laws, you can’t fix your own tech, let alone remix it into something else without risk (of losing required support or, no kidding, going to jail). Annoying when it’s your printer or alarm clock. A much bigger deal when it’s your tractor during harvest. Slowly, though, the right-to-repair movement is making inroads. Our panelists will discuss where we stand today and what still needs to be done.
Meg (M), Rapplean, Hendrix, Courtney Willis, Leininger
Noon-1pm: Cripple Creek
Xmas/Holiday Stories
There’s nothing like a good Xmas story to get you in the mood for the holidays–even (or especially) if the story has aliens sharing the eggnog. Our panelists discuss the appeal of holiday stories and how to approach writing them.
Owens (M), Knight, Cober, Connie Willis, Lawrence
Noon-1pm: Front Range
How to Price Your Art
If your art doesn’t sell, you don’t get to eat. But if it sells for too little, you’re going to be eating ramen. (Side note: surely someone, somewhere is making art out of ramen?) Our panel of experts will discuss art pricing strategies.
Peri (M), Heer, Jordan, Humble
12:30-2pm: Lobby Nook
Silicon Molding – Make & Take will be hosting a Mold making, make and take workshop here at Cosine. During this workshop you will be choosing from a selection of supplied objects to make a mold from. They will show you how to create the mold and share their experiences so that you can be comfortable using the demonstrated techniques. Supplies will be provided but donations to help cover costs will be welcome. Participation will be limited to 10 people. Children 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.T. Orndorff (M), C. Orndorff
1-2pm: Main Events
Booktok is one of the hottest places to promote your books, even though many of us over 50 have barely heard of it. Come learn what it is and how to get involved.
Z.S. Diamanti (M), Meg, Qwordy, Cober
1-2pm: Cripple Creek
Women in Tech
Most of the original computer programmers were women (and invented many of the core concepts we rely on today), but for the longest time, the tech industries have been male-dominated. Is the environment improving for women in tech, and what can be done to address the imbalance?
D. Feldman (M), J. Engel-Cox, A.L. Kessler, Kuintzle, Asaro
1-2pm: Front Range
The Neil Gaiman-Verse
Sandman, American Gods, Neverwhere, and many more. Neil Gaiman has created so many rich and compelling worlds. Our panelists discuss his unique voice, the adaptations, and all things Gaiman.
Wahl (M), Santana, Hutcheson, Harris
2-3pm: Main Events
Back to the Moon
Multiple countries are now working on landing humans on the moon in the next few years. Hear how things are going and what they might do once they get there.
McCarthy (M), Wahl, Williscroft, Rapplean
2-3pm: Cripple Creek
Fighting Book Bans
It seems like it goes in cycles, but there’s always someone who wants to decide what you and your children should be able to read. And sometimes those people are in a position to make it stick. Our panelists will discuss previous and current attempts at book bans and what can be done about it.
Friesen (M), Stith, Beetem, Robertson, Lawrence
2-3pm: Front Range
The Second Draft
You’ve done it–after weeks and months (or years) of toil, you’ve finally finished the first draft of your story or novel. Now for the hard part. Our panelists discuss different ways to approach your second draft.
L. Johnson (M), Santana, Boop, Connie Willis
2-3pm: Lobby Nook
Utilizing Social Media
Do you have a platform? Isn’t that where you catch trains? In a rapidly splintering social-media landscape, our panelists discuss how you can still practically promote and sell your work.
Qwordy (M), A.L. Kessler, Heer, Z.S. Diamanti, Dwelis
3-3:30pm: Main Events
Closing Ceremonies
We can’t believe it, but we’ve reached the end. Take one last chance to see our guests in one place before they are whisked away.