We’re Baaaack!

For those of you who were at COSine 2019, you probably remember that we said that it was going to be the last COSine. But here’s the thing–we really had a great time at COSine 2019!

So, as time passed, we started muttering. Then talking. Then scheming. Then, all of a sudden, we were well on our way for plans for COSine 2020…

We are excited to be bringing back COSine–pretty much before it even had a chance to go away–but we did start work a little later than we otherwise would have. This means that there are quite a few details in progress–including our spiffy new web site.

We are just finalizing the details on the hotel (no prizes for guessing which one) and lining up our guest of honor. However, Connie Willis has graciously agreed to return in the role of Toastmaster. Courtney “Dr. Science” Willis will be our science guest of honor, and Peri Charlifu will be our artist guest of honor.

We hope to see a lot of old faces back, and some new ones as well!

Check back with this blog to see how the con is progressing–things are moving fast…