COSine 2022 Participant and Panels

The list of panels and participants is now up on the web site! The schedule is actually (theoretically) done, but I am a little afraid to publish it this early since there are always a few changes as people realize that they are actually visiting their Aunt Hortenses at that hour and could they please … Read more

COSine 2022 Science Guest of Honor – Anthony Maltese

We are very excited to announce that our Science Guest of Honor for COSine 2022 will be Anthony Maltese, the curator of the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center! He has promised to bring some cool dinosaur/mosasaur/fossil stuff.  I don’t know about you, but I had to google mosasaur (extinct, large marine reptiles if you are … Read more

COSine 2022 Status Report #1

Last June we had to make the difficult decision to postpone COSine 2021. After that we put ourselves into suspended animation until such time as a vaccine for COVID was available and an appropriate supply of lemon-soaked paper doilies could be acquired. Well, the doilies arrived, and most of us have aching arms, so it … Read more

COSine 2021 Postponed

When you run conventions, you have to plan for various different contingencies. For 2021, we budgeted for the obvious: Zombies. Dinosaurs run amok. Zombies riding dinosaurs. The usual stuff. Unfortunately, we didn’t plan for a pandemic–extraterrestrial or otherwise. Build a giant underground research facility, they said. Have you even seen Resident Evil, we said? In … Read more

Photos from COSine 2020

Well, we all survived COSine 2020! I think it actually went really well–nothing important was burned down, and the people I spoke with seemed to be enjoying themselves–or were nice enough to lie convincingly about it! I intend to do a post with stats from the con (which were all good), but in the meantime, … Read more

COSine 2020 Day Rates

A few people have asked for the day rates for the con, so here they are: Adult Friday Only: $20 Saturday Only: $30 Sunday Only: $20 Full Weekend: $50 Student Friday Only: $15 Saturday Only: $25 Sunday Only: $15 Full Weekend: $40 Child (5-12) Friday Only: $5 Saturday Only: $5 Sunday Only: $5 Full Weekend: … Read more

COSine 2020 On-line program book

This year, thanks to Danyda Feldman’s1 diligent efforts2, we have an electronic version of the program book! You can download the app for your appropriate electronic buddy from EventsXD, or just search for EventsXD in your app store. Once you’ve downloaded it, you will need to create an account, then just search for COSine. The … Read more

Charity Raffle

Some of you may recall an earlier blog post where I said that the raffle for 2020 would be the Pikes Peak Observatory. Well, PPO is a project of NSSTI, and they told us that they are currently waiting on various approvals before moving forward, but their other related project, MESO—The Mobile Earth + Space … Read more

2020 Schedule

The COSine 2020 schedule is now available! This gives you more than a week to memorize it for the entrance quiz (don’t worry – you can still get in if you score at least 93%). Actually, there might be minor tweaks between now and the con, but we think it is basically correct! There will … Read more

COSine 2020 Program/Badge Artwork

Wow – Peri (our Artist Guest of Honor) just delivered the first version of the artwork for the program book, and it is awesome! The image is done in the style of a 14-15th century oil painting, and shows the COSine rocket landing next to a castle. I could easily see this as the cover … Read more