COSine 2023 Status Report #4

It is barely two weeks to go until Penguin Awareness Day, followed quickly by National Cheesy Socks Day and the Lunar New Year, commencing the Year of the Rabbit. Oh, and it’s also less than two weeks to go until COSine 2023! COSine 2023, January 20-22, 2023, at The Embassy Suites by Hilton (Woodmen and … Read more

COSine 2023 Status Report #3

In just over a month, people will be converging on Colorado Springs from all over the known universe (even that weird-shaped rock they just crashed a rocket into), and we very much hope that you will be amongst them! In case you missed the last status report, COSine 2023 will be held on January 20-22, … Read more

COSine 2023 Status Report #2

COSine 2023 is rapidly approaching—only 3 months away (yikes!). And, approaching even faster is October 31st, which is not only Halloween but, even scarier, is the last day to get reduced-rate tickets to the convention! You can sign up for tickets here. In case you missed the last status report, COSine 2023 will be held … Read more

Eric Flint Passed Away

We just heard the sad news that Eric Flint, our COSine 2020 Guest-of-Honor, has passed away. Eric was best known for his novel 1632 and the alternate history series it inspired. As a guest, he was lovely and generous (despite a reputation for gruffness that seems undeserved). He was also well known for inspiring and … Read more

COSine 2023 Status Report #1

At the end of 2021 we weren’t sure if there was even going to be a COSine 2022, much less a COSine 2023. For those who don’t know, on December 30th, 2021 the Hotel Eleganté was purchased and decided to no longer hold conventions! Fortunately, after a bit of bargaining, COSine 2022 went ahead and … Read more

COSine 2022 Participant and Panels

The list of panels and participants is now up on the web site! The schedule is actually (theoretically) done, but I am a little afraid to publish it this early since there are always a few changes as people realize that they are actually visiting their Aunt Hortenses at that hour and could they please … Read more

COSine 2022 Science Guest of Honor – Anthony Maltese

We are very excited to announce that our Science Guest of Honor for COSine 2022 will be Anthony Maltese, the curator of the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center! He has promised to bring some cool dinosaur/mosasaur/fossil stuff.  I don’t know about you, but I had to google mosasaur (extinct, large marine reptiles if you are … Read more

Hotel Link Fixed

Thanks to everyone who pointed out that the hotel info was still set for 2021. It is now fixed. You can sign up here for the special convention rate of $99/night.

COSine 2022 Status Report #1

Last June we had to make the difficult decision to postpone COSine 2021. After that we put ourselves into suspended animation until such time as a vaccine for COVID was available and an appropriate supply of lemon-soaked paper doilies could be acquired. Well, the doilies arrived, and most of us have aching arms, so it … Read more

C.J. Cherryh Wins 2021 Robert A. Heinlein Award

C.J. Cherryh, our guest of honor for COSine 2022, was just announced as the winner of the Robert A. Heinlein Award! The award will be officially presented during Balticon on May 28th (virtually). Congrats to C.J. For us, this is doubly cool, since C.J. is our GoH and FFF, the group that runs COSine, is … Read more