COSine 2024 Status Report #1

COSine 2024 will be January 19-21, 2024 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Colorado Springs.

Normally we like to announce our guests for the following year at the end of each convention. Well, we are only off by about six months this time, so not too bad!

Okay, yes, it is pretty bad–but there were reasons, including peripatetic con-com members and having to move to a new bulk email system–so hopefully spam didn’t eat this message :-/.

Still, we are very happy to finally announce our guests for 2024:

  • Catherine Asaro – Award-winning author of the Lost Continent series, the Major Bhaajan mysteries and the Skolian Empire series, amongst others.
    Beyond being an author, Catherine is a serious over-achiever. She has a PhD from Harvard in chemical physics (so when she does hard science, she does hard science), was president of SFWA for two years. And she used to be a professional ballet dancer. And she also sings at clubs and conventions.
  • Steve Leininger – Our science GoH is the engineer who created the TRS-80 in 1977! (FYI-This is the first type of personal computer I ever wrote code on, so I am pretty geeked-out about this!).
  • Theresa Mather – Our artist GoH is a mainstay at artshows, where she wows people with her pieces as well as paintings on feathers and stone. She descibes herself as a cryptopictographer – a painter of things that don’t exist.
    Oh, and she also helps restore carousels!
  • Special Guests Connie Willis and Courtney Willis will also be returning!

And, as ever, there will be tons of other authors, experts and interesting people.

You can register for the convention here.

The hotel has also extended their $119 price for a suite (which includes breakfast, complimentary drinks and snacks every night, Wi-Fi and a discount on their babel-fish rental services). Click here for details and to register (and please read the extra note–their registration system is a bit tricksy).

A few other links:

  • If you are interested in being in the art show? Art Show.
  • If you’d like to get a dealer or authors’ row table? Dealers Room.
  • Interested in volunteering (we live in hope)? Volunteers
  • Have a suggestion for a panel or anything programming-related? Programming

Hope to see you soon!

Morland, Arlen, Karen, Eli, Richard

The COSine Con Com