COSine 2024 Status Report #2

COSine 2024 will be January 19-21, 2024 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Colorado Springs.

First, a bit of bad news. Theresa Mather, our Artist Guest of Honor, unfortunately had to drop out. Fortunately, local(ish) artist Jim Humble has agreed to take her place. Jim is an amazing 2D and 3D artist.

Here’s a reminder of our full line-up:

  • Catherine Asaro – Award-winning author of the Lost Continent series, the Major Bhaajan mysteries and the Skolian Empire series, amongst others.
    Beyond being an author, Catherine is a serious over-achiever. She has a PhD from Harvard in chemical physics (so when she does hard science, she does hard science), and was president of SFWA for two years. And she used to be a professional ballet dancer. And she also sings at clubs and conventions.
  • Steve Leininger – Our science GoH is the engineer who created the TRS-80 in 1977! Now “retired” he is an active maker with a long list of interests.
  • Jim Humble – Our Artist GoH is known for both the cute and the fierce and scary. His fuzzy kittens are adorable and his Lovecraftian horrors…aren’t. Some of his pieces manage to merge the cute and the scary. Jim seems equally at home creating 2D and 3D pieces, and he has won numerous awards for both sculpture and paintings, nationally and internationally.
  • Connie Willis –SFWA Grand Master and friend of the convention. Probably best known for her Oxford time travel books (Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Blackout/All Clear), she seems to effortlessly switch between the deep and thoughtful (and occasionally gut-wrenching) to laugh-out-loud humor. Which, come to think of it, is also deep and thoughtful. Her new book The Road to Roswell is just out. Connie frequently has to point out that this book is Fiction!
  • Courtney Willis – Dr. Science! As well as a great science explainer, Courtney has a lot of side interests, including sewing machines, quilting, telescopes and slide rules! It is unclear if he has sufficient space for them all.

Not to mention a whole host of other authors, experts, raconteurs, and otherwise interesting people who will also be there!

Registration & Hotel

You can register for the convention here. Registration rates go up at the end of October, which we just realized is really soon! What sort of mad calendar alchemy is this?

Not sure if you’ve already registered? We’ve built a tool for you to check! Just click on the link and enter your email address and it will email you any registrations associated with that email address. Almost like magic!

The hotel has also extended their $119 price for a suite to the 2024 con (which includes breakfast, complimentary drinks and snacks every night, Wi-Fi and a discount on jet pack rental and refueling—a big savings, since rocket fuel is through the roof right now!). Click here for details and to register (and please read the extra note—their registration system is a bit tricksy).

The con depends on room nights in order to get a good deal on event space, so we recommend that you get two or three rooms each. Think how great your 3-room room-party will be!

Dribs and Drabs

  • MileHiCon 55 is coming up from October 27th-29th in Denver, and we will have a table there, so if you’re there as well, stop by and say hello!
  • Interested in being in the art show? Art Show.
  • If you’d like to get a dealer or authors’ row table? Dealers Room.
  • Want to volunteer (we live in hope)? Volunteers.
  • Have a suggestion for a panel or anything programming-related? Programming.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Morland, Arlen, Karen, Eli, Richard
The COSine Con Com