COSine 2022 Participant and Panels

The list of panels and participants is now up on the web site! The schedule is actually (theoretically) done, but I am a little afraid to publish it this early since there are always a few changes as people realize that they are actually visiting their Aunt Hortenses at that hour and could they please switch with…?

So I’ve just included the panel descriptions for now. There are also some one-on-one panels with our guests-of-honor that I haven’t listed (since they don’t have descriptions yet, although they are kind-of obvious) and a few panelists that haven’t given me their bios yet (if they wait too long, I get to make up bios. Insert maniacal laughter here!). I’ll put up the actual schedule in a few weeks.

Someone also just pointed out that the links for our GoHs on the main page were, uh, wrong, so I fixed that too. Just a bit embarrassing!

Hard to believe the convention is only two months away…