COSine 2020 Program/Badge Artwork

Wow – Peri (our Artist Guest of Honor) just delivered the first version of the artwork for the program book, and it is awesome! The image is done in the style of a 14-15th century oil painting, and shows the COSine rocket landing next to a castle. I could easily see this as the cover … Read more

MileHiCon 2019

MileHiCon was this weekend up in Denver, and COSine had a table (currently manned by Ted in the picture–note the Tie Fighter bowtie). We had a lot of fun, talked to a lot of people, and signed up a bunch of people for COSine 2020! The picnic basket on the left was serving duty as … Read more

Participants page is up!

It’s taken a while, but the Participants page is now up! Part of the delay was that we just have so many great participants signed up for COSine 2020! (And, of course, was in no way related to yours truly getting distracted by other shiny things). This list is also not final – we are … Read more

Pikes Peak Observatory

Every year at COSine we hold a charity raffle, and for 2020 the charity we will be supporting is the Pikes Peak Observatory. The goal of the Pikes Peak Observatory initiative is to build a 1-meter research-quality observatory telescope on the summit of Pikes Peak, along with educational exhibits. The observatory was part of the … Read more

Flyers at Worldcon

Here’s a shot of COSine 2020 flyers on the freebie table at Worldcon in Dublin! A lot of people have come from the US to Dublin2019, so it seems only fair that a few people make the pilgrimage to Colorado Springs :-). And here’s a gratuitous shot of a time-traveling DeLorean stationed in front of … Read more

Guest of Honor – Eric Flint

New York Times Best-Selling Author Eric Flint has just agreed to be our Guest of Honor for COSine 2020 !! We are all very excited. Eric is probably best known for his 1632 alternate history novels (Officially The Ring of Fire Series, which now includes something like 26 novels), but he is also known for … Read more

We’re Baaaack!

For those of you who were at COSine 2019, you probably remember that we said that it was going to be the last COSine. But here’s the thing–we really had a great time at COSine 2019! So, as time passed, we started muttering. Then talking. Then scheming. Then, all of a sudden, we were well … Read more